Why You Should Change Your Water Filter Regularly

clean water

clean water

Water filters are important tools in any household because they purify the water that you drink, making it safe for consumption. Many homeowners, however, take this equipment for granted. We often neglect to clean our water filter system or replace it with new filters.

When this happens, we run the risk of ruining our family’s health. If you are still not convinced about why you should change your water filters regularly, here are a few more reasons.

Filters keep bacteria out

Water filters are meant to clean your water and make sure that no bacteria or pathogens are swimming in it. Pathogens can thrive in water, and once they enter your body, these microorganisms can do a lot of damage to your health.

E. coli and S. typhi are just some of the pathogens that can really turn your insides out. If you do not clean your water filters regularly, you will increase the risk of being infected with these pathogens.

The minerals in water can ruin your health

We all hear and know that mineral water is good for us. But if you drink too much of these minerals, you run the risk of developing kidney stones in your body. Anyone who has experienced developing kidney stones would say that they are painful to have and not as easy to get rid of.

You can get rid of your kidney stones by either increasing your water intake (if the stones are not too big yet) or having an ultrasound to break the stones into smaller pieces (if the stones are too big to pass through your urethra.

Dirt will pile up

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Another reason for cleaning your water filters regularly is to prevent debris and other dirty substances from piling up in your water system. No matter how effective your cleaning system is, it will come to a point where it cannot filter the water anymore.

Most water filters have charcoal, which serves as a sponge that absorbs the pathogens, debris and dirty substances from the water. But eventually, this charcoal will not be able to absorb all the pathogens and debris. When that happens, the stuff you do not want in your water will not go through the charcoal and settle in the water.

How often should you replace your filters?

Now that you are convinced to change your filters regularly, you should schedule for a replacement every three to six months. But if you notice that your water is getting darker, do not wait for another day and replace your filters as soon as possible.

Why should you hire professionals?

You may be tempted to change your filters by yourself, but it would be better if you hire professionals for several reasons.

  • They have the proper equipment for changing filters
  • You might break your machine rather than fix it
  • You run the risk of injuring yourself if you try to fix it on your own
  • Professionals can do the job much faster

There are many professional water filter service providers with reasonable rates, so do not worry if you do not have the budget for this sort of thing.

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