How to Be Happy by Putting Yourself First

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The first thing to get your head around is that it is not selfish to want to be happy. If you are the type of person that will drop what you are doing to help out a friend, relative or neighbour, then this is fab in the short term, but who will look after you when you experience total burn-out? Think of your mental and physical health as being the foundations of a house – the house being you. If the foundations are not cared for properly, then one day the house will come tumbling down. Discover how you can take steps to look after yourself to make yourself happy.

Head to the gym

Scientists and health professionals have already published findings on the links between physical health and mental health and people with depression are being advised to try regular exercise in order to combat the illness. The release of feel-good chemicals during exercise makes you feel great, and those that combine a healthy diet with regular fitness classes and exercises will also improve their physical health and appearance.

Eat well and drink less

Alcohol is known to be a depressant, which is why may people who drink to excess experience the “beer fear”, or bouts of anxiety the morning after the night before. Alcohol also dulls the skin and sugary alcoholic drinks and mixers can contribute to weight gain. Eating fatty and sugar-laden foods not only contributes to health risks such as heart disease and diabetes but can also make you feel sluggish and irritable. Decrease the number of unhealthy snacks you eat each week and replace unhealthy eating habits with healthier alternatives such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. Sugary foods and drinks are also known to cause tooth decay which is not only unsightly, but also painful.

Go for regular health check-ups

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If you have no idea who your GP is, or if you haven’t been for a health check-up in years, it is time to change this. Your local GP or burse will be happy to book you in for a health check, which can include blood tests for liver function and iron levels, smear tests, discussion about your mental and physical health, family medical history, and several other checks to determine the state of your health. Appointments like these can catch illnesses in the early stages, potentially making them easier to treat than if you had only attended your GP surgery when you noticed something was wrong.

Go for regular dental check-ups

Your dentist and orthodontist are not just there in case of emergencies and going for regular health check-ups can prevent you from feeling down in the dumps. Many people only attend the dentist when they have toothache they can no longer tolerate, or if they have been in an accident and have lost a tooth. Orthodontics can be vital when taking steps to improve your appearance and to enhance self-confidence and your own dentist can refer you should they think it is necessary. Why settle for crooked or missing teeth when you can access treatments such as clear braces, veneers and dental implants? Some adults are concerned that having their teeth straightened will mean wearing braces, but the great news is that even the most self-conscious adult will appreciate the discreet nature of invisible braces such as those created by Invisalign.

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