Why Quality Sleep Should Be a Key Element in Your Health Journey

One of the most critical aspects of keeping ourselves healthy is getting enough sleep. In this video, viewers learn about the many benefits of getting enough sleep, including feeling calmer and less irritable the next day. People who get enough sleep are also shown to learn faster and solve math problems better. Good sleep is defined as seven to eight uninterrupted hours of sleep each night.

The Many Benefits of Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep helps to regulate your blood sugar, so it may help you lose weight.

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Because sleep boosts your immune system, it can help prevent you from getting infections. If you have an injury, your recovery will be assisted by getting enough for me sleep. According to the video, getting enough sleep has also been shown to help people live longer.

A Device to Prevent Snoring

Some people have a problem with snoring, which results in not getting enough oxygen while you sleep. Some doctors recommend an EMA (elastic mandibular advancement) Anti-snoring Device. The EMA Sleep Appliance is worn on the lower jaw and uses elastic straps to keep the lower jaw in a position that prevents snoring. According to Glidewell Dental, an EMA device will help you have deeper, better-quality sleep – potentially bringing you all the above benefits.

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