What the Looks of Your Teeth Say about Your Well-Being

Woman with Nice Teeth

Everyone wants to look good and feel great about themselves. How you perceive yourself can either make you healthier or put your well-being at serious risk. When you do not appreciate what you see in the mirror, you are in danger of developing more serious health problems.

The appearance of your teeth is one of the key factors in your self-perception, especially since other people usually see them first when they look at you.

Having unpleasant-looking teeth can strongly influence your self-image, so it is crucial that you do what you can to improve not just their appearance, but their overall health too.

Gapped smiles

A common problem amongst both children and adults in the United Kingdom, gaps between the teeth can quickly ruin one’s otherwise beautiful smile. However, these spaces can deal more damage than just simple aesthetic issues.

The area where the gap exists means that no tooth supports the jawbone right above or underneath it. This bone requires constant stimulation to remain healthy, which it receives from the teeth’s movement. Without this, it can disintegrate, which is a very difficult problem to resolve, sometimes even irreversible.

Missing or lost tooth

Sometimes, teeth that do not erupt cause gaps between the teeth. However, many people also have this problem because of missing or lost tooth caused by accidents or extraction.

It is important you explore your options to either replace or bridge these gaps since they can cause the consequences above.

A common and effective method to eliminate these spaces is to wear braces, which a licensed and experienced orthodontist here in Birmingham can help you with.

The jawbone-disintegrating effects of gaps or missing tooth/teeth can lead to you looking older than you really are since bone loss can give your face a sunken appearance. So before this happens, contact an oral health provider as soon as you can.

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