Tales from the Barber Shop: Getting a Barber’s Training

A Licensed Barber

As a barber, your job is to provide haircuts and shaving services to your clients. You need to be creative and must possess good communication and customer service skills, so you can identify and recommend the services that your client may need.

You must be familiar with the various tools required to achieve the look that your clients demand. Your key responsibilities also include trimming and shaving mustaches and beards, and shampooing and cutting hair.

You might think practice is enough to master all these, but you need the right education and training from a proper barber training school to get a license.

Training, Education, and Licensing Requirements

At least a high school diploma is required for you to qualify for a barber training program offered by a licensed barber school in Utah. All states require aspiring barbers to have a license before they can be allowed to offer their services to clients.

Job Outlook

The demand for barbers is expected to grow by 10% over the next decade. Based on records of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary as of 2015 is $24,850. While job prospects are good for new barbers, those with experience and higher skills have the biggest opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Barber

The primary job of a barber is to provide grooming and hair care services, typically for men. Aside from cutting hair, shaving and trimming beards and mustaches, a barber’s tasks may involve shampooing and blow-drying hair, and perform scalp massages.

Tools of the trade include scissors, shavers, clippers, and blow dryers. It is your job to sterilize your grooming tools and to maintain a clean working area at all times.

Each engagement with a client starts with a consultation to identify the desired haircut and services. Based on your experience and professional judgment, you may offer suggestions that involve hair and scalp problems that the client may not initially know.

Final Word

There are many opportunities for aspiring barbers today. Although you may start with an entry-level job after completing a barber training program, a lot of opportunities will open up for you as you develop your skills and you gain more experience over time.

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