4 Things to Remember for a Fruitful Winery Visit

Wine TastingThere’s never a bad time to go touring wineries. Australia has many wineries that are all too eager to welcome people who appreciate a well-aged bottle of cabernet sauvignon and the vineyards that produce it. Many of them hold special events to promote their famous wine trails.

As winemakers are some of the most charming and accommodating people you’ll ever meet, they’ll often offer free samples of their wares. If that’s not a good reason to go winery touring, we don’t know what is. Before you go hauling your mates across the plain, here are a few useful tips to make the most out of your winery trip.

Have an Empty Box Ready

If you plan on buying a couple of bottles, it will be real handy to have proper storage space for it. Your local wine store should have some boxes available, so grab one for your trip to avoid all the rattling you’re bound to suffer due to a box-less wine haul.

Have Someone Else Drive for You

It’s a winery tour so tasting wine at each stop is a given, and you don’t want to be taking the wheel when all that tasting accumulates in your head. Many newer wine regions are pretty far apart too, and Concord Coaches knows that tour services are the best option for charting your visits to wineries.

Explore Different Tastes

Tasting room staff will ask the kind of wine you like nine times out of ten, so don’t feel pressured to blurt out the first kind that comes to mind. Sampling just the kinds you prefer ruins the point of the tour too, so tell the personnel that you like all kinds, and then ask for a recommendation. Doing so allows you to explore other wine types you might not have tasted before, and you might even end up with new favourites.

Wine Tasting Doesn’t Mean Getting Wasted

If you’re thirsting for a full glass, make a mental note and plan a picnic for another day or something. Be a buddy and don’t ruin the experience for the people accompanying the tour by getting drunk.

Winery tours are a lot of fun, and apart from all the excellent wines available to your taste buds, you may gain new connections and friends in the process.

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