What Is a Strut Channel and How Is It Used?

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strut channel is also known in other names such as channel strut, Unistrut, and Durostrut. It is said to be one of the most amazing fastening tools commonly used in the electric and HVAC industries. Likewise, it is also used as a construction material for installing medical imaging equipment. You can avail struts in most construction and hardware stores near you.

What is a strut?

A channel strut comes in different formats and is actually a common construction material in most buildings and structures. It comes in welded and slotted formats, yet it may be barely eye-catching because it is normally painted to blend with the structure. A channel strut is basically a set of threaded metal and rod networks that are used to form a support for a structure. This may range from medical equipment, injectors, or lighting.

Any equipment, structures, and components that are built to be suspended from the ceiling need to have a channel strut. For one, it will help in supporting the component’s weight. Otherwise, it can lead to accidental falling or collapsing that can cause unwanted accidents and property damage.

Channel struts are also used by DIY junkies to create homemade shelves and other types of carpentry works. As mentioned, channel struts are usually painted, which makes it a little obscured from the naked eye. Aside from that, the paint serves as protection to prevent the channel strut from premature damage such as corrosion.

Benefits of using a channel strut

Using a channel strut offers some important benefits. For one, it will help save your time because it does not require extensive training to use this construction component. It is generally easy to use even by first timers as it is reusable and easily adjustable.

That said, it can also save you money from buying additional components in case it is not compatible with your building requirements. You can simply remove it and adjust according to your construction requirements.

Other things you need to know about a channel strut

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For one thing, a channel strut is usually measured in height, width, length, and thickness. It varies in size: deep, normal, and shallow. On the other hand, channel struts are also made from different materials. Among popular ones include those made from electro-galvanized, painted, and stainless-steel materials.

The structure’s contractor is usually responsible for the ordering and installation of a channel strut. This will be determined through detailed planning and including other items needed for the said construction. Then again, it will depend on the builders’ plans as to whether it is necessary to have channel struts installed. Adding one can help a lot in utilizing the ceiling space and lessen the risk of accidental collapses or falls.

Installing a channel strut is a good addition in any kind of structure, though it is commonly used in ceilings. However, it is important to collaborate well with the site planners and others involved in the building construction as to whether installing a channel strut is needed.

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