Skiing: in Search of Long Runs and Fine Powder


Skiers dream of never-ending runs amidst a sea of white. No skier wants to spend more time on the lifts than on the snow or ski on rough slopes. Check out these destinations that can give you those long runs on majestic white snow.

Jackson, Wyoming

One place close to home is Jackson, Wyoming. It has one of the longest continuous ski trail in the US at 7 miles. The Jackson Hole slopes are steep and deep — definitely not for beginners or the faint of heart. High levels of snowfall near Yellowstone National Park gives it an excellent amount of powder, providing a smooth and exhilarating run. You can opt for seriously difficult black-run terrain or less challenging (but still difficult) ones. This is no relaxing ski trip, so make sure you’re up for a challenge.

Revelstoke, Canada

Further up north, you can find good slopes and fine powder in Revelstoke. The Canadian slopes mostly cater to advanced and intermediate skiers, but some slopes can accommodate beginners and children. The longest run in Revelstoke stands at 9.5 miles. The run can be quite difficult for intermediate skiers, but a bit on the easy side for seasoned veterans.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Outside the USA, there’s no better skiing destination than the Swiss Alps, with every resort driven to give you the best skiing experience. The long winding slopes and fine powder (on and off-piste) make it the Mecca of every skier. Zermatt has 200 km worth of trails with the longest one (13 miles) extending all the way to Italy. There are nursery runs for children, so you can ski away knowing that they’ll be in good hands. Most of the runs are red, geared toward intermediate skiers and a bit challenging for beginners. Experts can find their challenges off-piste, in avalanche controlled mountain and forest trails.

Vallee Blanche, France

at a ski resort

13 miles of natural terrain (purely off-piste) awaits you at one of the longest runs in France. The Vallee Blanche run is definitely not for beginners, with crevasses and avalanche threats compounding the already difficult terrain. You won’t be able to ski immediately once you’re out of the lift as there is a short climb to get to the starting point. There are no trail marks, so it’s best to ski with a guide or with skiers with previous experience. If you don’t want to ski off-piste but still want a challenge, head over to Alpe d’Huez; they have an assortment of pistes, including a 10-mile black run.

Tirol, Austria

Unlike most of the long European slopes, the 15-mile run in Tirol, Austria is purely blue and red. It is a relaxing run that’s relatively safe with few obstacles to encounter. It’s a great destination to train your endurance and fine control before moving to the more difficult slopes.

More time on the slopes means more time to challenge yourself and have fun. Get a bit of cardio for endurance, and plan your trip to catch those 15-20 minute runs on powder-like snow.

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