Washing Your Clothes the Proper Way

Wired washing machine

Wired washing machine

Sometimes, life isn’t easy, and doing the laundry is something that you need to do at some point. If you’re finding it difficult or time-consuming, getting a professional laundry service near you will be the solution.

Do you still want to do this chore by yourself? You may feel overwhelmed at first, but it doesn’t have to be a tough thing to do. You should know the right detergent, dose the right amount, and learn how to sort, wash, and dry your clothes.

Sorting Your Laundry

One way to make your room organized is to buy hampers and baskets. If you have a hamper and wheels, it would be more convenient for you to transport your unwashed clothes during wash day. Choose the one with a handle to make it easy to carry.

It’s ideal if you have multiple hampers. You might have heavy and lightweight fabrics, so it’s better to separate them. Put your heavy cotton, pants, sweatshirts, and other workout clothing items in hamper A. Your blouses, t-shirts, shorts, and other light fabrics should be placed in hamper B. The purpose of separating them is to save time in collecting and choosing the wash cycle that is appropriate for the type of fabric.

Separate your fabrics by color. Most people use a third hamper to store unwashed clothes that are black, grey, navy blue, dark purple, and red. This is to prevent dark colors from bleeding onto clothes that are white and have lighter shades.

Choosing Detergents

There are two things to consider when selecting detergents.

  • You need to be aware of how your skin reacts to the detergent. Choose the one that won’t cause skin allergies.
  • To remove heavy stains, it will give you convenience if you buy a separate detergent — stain liquid remover or bleach.

Adding Detergent to Washing Machine

Modern washing machines have a drawer where you can put the detergent. It will automatically distribute the detergent as the cycle progresses. If your machine doesn’t have the drawer, you need to add detergent to the tub of the washing machine, but be sure to fill the washing tub with water first. Follow the package instructions so that you can add the right amount of detergent to clean your clothes.

Washing the Clothes

If you have brand new clothing, wash the item on its own first, especially if the fabric has a dark color. Perform a quick bleeding test using a piece of white cloth. If it doesn’t bleed anymore after some wash, it’s then safe to mix them with other fabrics on the next washing.

Choose the right wash cycle level according to the type of the fabric:

  • Heavy washing
  • Regular washing
  • Light washing

Drying Your Clothes

Washing machines in laundry shop

Typically, most families prefer line-drying their clothes. For them, clothesline helps save utility bills. But for people who want to dry the laundry quicker than the traditional method, they will use the dryer. Take note that you must always remove the lint from the lint trap before drying each load. This will inhibit your dryer from catching fire.

Consider the tips mentioned above and you can do the laundry like a pro. If you’re a busy person, finding the best laundry shop near you will give you peace of mind.

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