Unique Ideas for Planters

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Nothing will boost the look of your property better than plants. Most property owners, however, shun plants in the belief that they do not have sufficient space on their property for plant growth. This need not be a hindrance for you with the range of planters available.

Unlike traditional planting pots, custom planters from companies such as PolyStone Planters can include many compartments and hence make it possible for you to grow different plants. They also come in varying designs to match every property owner’s taste and space. Here are some unique ideas that you can incorporate into your planters:

Wall Planters

Are you similar to most people who enjoy fresh herbs? Many people love the scent of plants growing indoors. Many wall-mounted planters are created to take up little space and intensify the productivity of grasses.

You do not need to possess ample space to grow herbs in containers successfully. Most herbs can be excellent container shrubs. Although most people plant them in pots on their decks, galleries, and even verandas, raising them inside your home is just as simple.

Usually described as “windowsill herbs,” the best pants to raise indoors do not need much space or light. However, you cannot put them in a shadowy corner or something like that. Like the majority of living things, plants need the sun to develop.

If you don’t have spaces that get six to eight hours of sunlight, your plants will not grow that much. However, they can still produce fruits or flowers as long as they receive some light. With that in mind, you should turn your planters to make each side of the plant receive enough sunlight. Doing so will ensure steady growth and potency.

For those with a minimum floor and backyard space, wall-mounted planters are a perfect choice. These planters are made of wood and make an ideal combination with wooden walls. They are typically filled with green plants to create a forest-like appearance and feel.

Silicone Planters

Getting a customized shape for your planters might seem daunting. It is sometimes impossible with some planter materials. Silicone is the ideal option for property owners looking for a unique shape. This is a combination of design and art and can be shaped into virtually any form and color. The soft silicone material will also lend a soft look to your overall outdoor décor.

Biodegradable Planters

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For the eco-conscious property owners, a biodegradable planter material makes a suitable choice. Pressed paper and coir are some of the biodegradable materials currently used for planters. These materials also promote healthy root development and improve plant aeration. They come in different shapes.

In the end, from the above tidbits, you are sure to get a unique idea that will make your planter stand out. The planters can be further customized to suit your garden or patio. They can also be hung or placed on various surfaces to create interesting decorating pieces. If you want to make a more informed decision, feel free to consult a professional.

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