Would You Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue to Save Money?

Outdoor wedding

As of July, it costs an average of £30,355 for couples to tie the knot in the UK, but this may soon change as the government plans to lift a ban on weddings in al fresco sites.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue in Kent or in London, the regulatory changes may allow marriages to be held in beaches and gardens, among other places. Winters Barns shares more information about this development.

Wedding Expenses

The price of a wedding venue accounts for the largest expenses for couples. On average, people spend more than £6,100 to book a place. Food and drinks take up the second-biggest cost at an average of almost £5,900 whilst buying a cake would cost £323 on average. Current rules require couples to be married in a church or civil ceremony. The latter should happen in registry offices, hotels or other approved places by local authorities.

This makes it difficult for many couples to save money since they would need to find a separate place for the reception. With the new rules, however, those who plan to exchange vows in England and Wales will soon have more flexibility in choosing a venue.

Cost of Engagement

Most people tend to forget that they start to spend on a wedding when they buy an engagement ring. A survey showed that the average spending on rings is around £1,470. Men are no longer following the rule of spending three months’ worth of their salary, particularly since it is impractical.

If you earn an annual salary of £36,000, for instance, then spending £9,000 on an engagement ring would be more than the average price of booking a venue.

The availability of new options for wedding venues may encourage more Britons to get married without going over budget. If the regulatory changes become effective, where do you plan to hold your wedding?

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