Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel

When traveling out of town or out of the country, you need to take care of your accommodations. If you are planning to go to Singapore, you can stay in a beautiful boutique hotel there. Booking a hotel depends on your personal preference and accommodation needs. Some look for affordable places to stay, while some prefer to have a swimming pool and even a fitness center as part of the package.

Staying in a hotel sure is a relaxing way to spend time away from the harsh realities of life. Ideally, the hotel you are going to stay in will be your home away from home. The last thing you want is a ruined vacation due to a broken shower and indifferent hotel staff.

Hotel habits you should never practice

However, you need to do your part as well if you want to enjoy your hotel accommodation. If there is a particular set of etiquette when eating out, the same goes when you check into a hotel. It is not just about treating the hotel staff well. Hopefully, you are not guilty of doing (or have done at least once in your life) the following things:

1.Getting something in the mini-bar/refrigerator

A lot of hotels have mini-bars inside every unit. Before grabbing a can of soda or beer from it, check the hotel rules first. More often than not, you will be charged an additional cost if you get one in the mini-bar. Some mini-bars even have sensors, so you will still be charged extra by merely opening the mini-bar door!

2. Using the remote control

There is nothing wrong with using the remote control unless you sanitize it first. In case you don’t realize, the remote control is one of the worst nightmares of germophobes. The safest thing you can do is to wash your hands after using it or perhaps spray the remote control with some alcohol.

3. Bringing pets

A dog in bed

Make sure that the hotel you are going to stay in allows pets. Otherwise, you might have to leave your pets at home or check them into a pet hotel or lodge.

4. Putting your suitcase on your bed

Remember where you placed your bag on the way and before arriving in the hotel? Yes, on the bare and dirty ground. Well, good luck sleeping with dirt and debris all over your bed.

5. Bringing the bathrobe and towels back home

On the one hand, it is completely fine to take the shampoo, soap, and lotion provided in the hotel unit. But to take the towels with you? That can be too low-class and a no-no unless you are willing to get charged extra for it.

6. Leave your jewelry in the open

Some hotels have a safety vault where you can store your essential items, including your jewelry, passport, and money. While there might be fewer chances that it gets stolen, you might forget and accidentally leave them upon checkout.

Staying in a hotel is a great way to de-stress and spend quality time with your loved ones. But make sure not to make these mistakes when staying in a hotel. This will ensure a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, even if it is just for a few days.

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