Simple Ways to Make Your Garden Unique


Design is one of the key aspects of adding more charm to your garden. It allows you to be creative and personalize your garden. But there are some times when you want to get more out of your current garden design but do not know what to add. If that’s the case, you might want to consider the ideas on our list.

Go Top to Bottom with a Vertical Garden

Most of the time, you will lack space for customizing your garden. You might feel that an expansion is needed. And most of the time, expanding your lawn’s ground is not applicable. Why not expand it vertically?

One of the best things you can do is to use a vertical garden wall. These walls, albeit an imitation of real-life plants, are an excellent way to add more life to your garden. Since it is uncommon to see plants on walls, this adds a sense of uniqueness. Also, since these are not real plants, they do not wilt.

Add Some Sections with Terraced Flowerbeds

Another way to add more depth to your garden is terracing. You can plant your precious flowers under a stairs-like slope to make them more dynamic, as opposed to where everything is on the ground. You can even combine flowers with other plants for a perfect blending.

Additional layers of landscaping options will be available to you once you have made a terraced flowerbed. Since the slope effect is not enough to break the monotony, you can further expand it with landscaping options for a better feel.

Let Hanging Mirrors Reflect the Beauty of Your Garden

Do you know that you can also use mirrors in your garden? These reflectors aren’t only used in your wardrobe or bathroom! Hang a mirror or two for them to capture your garden’s reflection and make it more beautiful than ever. The hanging mirrors’ trick sets off the illusion of you having a wider yard.

Make a Pathway Out of Plants and Stones

beautiful garden

Another alternative is to make pathways with stones and gravel. But it is also a great idea to add some plants to evoke a more natural feel. If you are aiming for a more modernized look, some well-placed stone slabs followed with a sprinkle of pebbles and patches of grass will do the trick.

Make Things Curl Up to Greatness with a Spiral Herb Garden

You might have also considered adding an herb garden for more plant types. But most of the time, you do not have much space to work with. Luckily, a spiral herb garden is not only space-efficient; it is aesthetic, too. This kind of design usually has a slope-like effect. Just like a terraced flowerbed, a spiral garden will give a sense of depth to your garden.

In the end, as you tend to your garden, you will find more ways to personalize it. Taking care of your garden requires work to make it look lovely. With these ideas, you might even exceed your expectations.

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