3 CV Mistakes Applicants Often Make

Three applicants reviewing their CV before the interview

What do finance recruitment agencies look for in job applications? Well, you might be having a wealth of information on the do’s and don’ts of recruitment. What applicants usually fail to understand is that how they create their curriculum vitae could be the reason they don’t get the finance job they want.

Whether you are working with finance recruitment agencies or you have an in-house recruitment team, here are some areas that you should look into:

Poor Formatting

This mistake is common among young candidates who are applying for job vacancies for their first time. But that is not enough of an excuse not to do their research well to hone their CV writing skills. An applicant’s CV should stand out among all that you or your recruiter has to sort and shortlist. The common errors include incorrect spelling, poor grammar and wrong choice of layout, fonts and styles.

Not Indicating Soft Skills

Recruiters want to learn more about applicants. Candidates must include in their CV their achievements that demonstrate soft skills, such as problem-solving, work ethics, and project and relationship management, to name a few.

Not Adjusting the CV to Fit the Company’s Culture

It is always advisable to study the company in which a professional is applying. Understanding the company’s mission and vision is a must. The CV should demonstrate that the applicant’s skills and personality fit the culture of the team.

The job market has never been this competitive in the past. This high level of competition has pushed the standards for recruiting new employees higher. Securing a well-written and structured CV is the first step to getting the job one is applying for. A recruitment agency knows how to spot these common mistakes and recommend the right candidates for the position you want to fill.

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