Recycling Old Building Materials to Decorate Your Home

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When you’re decorating your home, one of the options you should try is the use of salvaged building materials. For example, you can buy antique fireplace mantels to give your own fireplace a traditional feel or get a vintage claw foot bathtub to give your bathroom a decadent atmosphere.

Using salvaged building materials gives your home an eclectic look that is truly unique. If you are interested in doing this, here are a few tips for you:

Shop Online

One of the most important tips that you will find useful when looking for salvaged building materials is to look for them online. This opens up the possibilities for your purchases. It gives you a wider selection to choose from. Most online sellers can easily be found on eBay and other online marketplaces. Also, a healthy community out there would be willing to help you find the piece that you’re looking for. It may take some time, but you’ll be sure to get something great for your home.

Contact Your Local Preservation Society

Many salvaged building materials can be found in local dealers. The problem is that you don’t know who they are. Your local preservation society might, though. Additionally, some preservation societies operate non-profit warehouses for salvaged materials. This is to help with the restoration of old houses, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your own purposes.

Look For the Best Deals

Though they are salvaged, some vintage pieces sell at premium prices. These include classic bathtubs and metal fittings. If you really want a vintage look within your budget, you might want to get creative with your options. For example, larger pieces such as doors and flooring are actually sold at lower prices. With a bit of refurbishing, you can have a classic door that’s a hundred years old for a fraction of the price.

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Plan Early But Be Flexible

Another tip to keep in mind is a lot of these building materials are not exactly standard pieces. Some of them are one-of-a-kind. Get exact measurements when you are buying so that you can accommodate them properly. It would actually be best if you acquire the piece months ahead so that they can be properly integrated into construction or refurbishment plans. Even then, you might still need to be flexible.

Check for Completeness

Salvaged building materials are usually complete. Flooring, doors, and windows are pretty simple. However, some pieces require extra attention. These include doorknobs, light fixtures, faucet fittings. You might be surprised when you buy a classic brass doorknob and realize that it only has the knob and not the accompanying screws that attach it. Ask the dealer whether you will be getting a complete set so that you know you might have to wing it with some parts.

Add the Past to the Present

Salvaged building materials can give your home a unique ambiance. One-of-a-kind pieces and the mix of the old and the new create an atmosphere that visitors will be sure to remember. Consider adding a bit of history to your home with antique materials and have something to be proud of.

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