Three Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness. It can be developed through nervousness, stress, worry, and tension. It usually occurs during significant events, examinations, interviews, or public speaking. If not given much attention, it can lead to anxiety disorders. At least one in ten people experience this kind of illness. And most of them are teens.

There are different treatments available today. Self-help treatment should be your first option. But you can also try cognitive behavior treatment or CBT in Westport, Connecticut. Here are three ways to stop anxiety and panic attacks:


A significant symptom of panic attacks is difficulty in breathing. You are palpitating and hyperventilating. First, you should relax. It is a “panic” attack, and if you succumb to more panicking, you will not be able to get out of it. The next step is to perform breathing exercises. It will help you balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. Take a deep breath. Use your diaphragm to inhale for a few seconds. Then, slowly exhale for a few seconds. This will normalize your breathing.

Another technique is to use a brown paper bag. Make sure to cover your whole mouth with its opening. You must take deep breaths, inhale and exhale. You will know that you are doing it right if the paper bag is moving in and out. Keep in mind that what you are experiencing can be dealt with. You have gone through it before, so you will be able to overcome it again. Repeat this in your mind to help you relax.


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During a panic attack, you feel like there is a massive thing on your chest that needs to come out. You are probably experiencing it because of stress. Or maybe you remember a traumatic situation. To help you let it out, you can write what you are feeling in a journal. It will help lighten your heavy feelings. In the journal, you can also write tips for stopping panic attacks. This will help you know what to do with your current situation. You will be reminded to relax and breath normally.


Running away from the problem is not a solution. You must face it. It is a common misconception that if you are about to go to a place that triggers your panic attacks, you must avoid it. If you always do that, you will detach yourself from your healthy lifestyle. You will be afraid to go out or try new things. And you will deprive yourself of the happiness of living life to the fullest. If you don’t help yourself face your fears, you will never be able to move forward in your life.

Following the suggestions above is a good thing. But you cannot rely on them forever. Have a goal and put a stop to this illness. It can be frightening to go back to the root of all this, but you need to deal with it. If not, it will affect your daily activities. You will be more afraid to go out, face difficult situations, or even talk to people. Relationships with your friends and family will also shut down. You will push people away from you. All of these things will affect your life. Therefore, do not be afraid to face your anxieties.

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