Reasons Why You Should Opt For Carbon Steel Fittings

Carbon steel pipe

When deciding the type of material to use in laying down pipes for your project, you need to consider what the pipes are going to be used for and how much material you need. Carbon steel is one of the most popular choices because of its many useful properties and cost-effectiveness. Here are some benefits of using carbon steel pipe fittings for your project:

Super Strength

Steel has a wide use in making pipes and pipe fittings mainly because it is strong and durable. Adding carbon to a metal already famed for its strength turns it into a much more reliable product. The strength of carbon steel depends on the amount of carbon added; the more you add, the stronger the metal.


Steel is known for its durability. Carbon steel pipes can withstand various environmental changes and last for many years. Adding a chromium surface enhances its durability by preventing rust from forming. Chrome plated fittings also prevent corrosion and make pipe cleaning easier.


It is possible to adjust the strength and durability of steel based on the amount of carbon added. This means you can adjust the steel composition according to what you need for your project. Mild carbon steel is cost efficient and is more popular in large scale projects. Medium carbon steel offers resistance to eroding elements and is often used in automobile construction. Manufacturers use high carbon steel for making wires. When the carbon level is more than 1%, the carbon steel product is only used for particular projects.

Ship builders, electric-power plants and industrial construction all use carbon steel. The pipes are also used for sprinkler systems and carrying oil, water and flammable gases. With how versatile carbon steel is, you can’t go wrong with using it for your projects.

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