How to Become a More Competent Computer Technician

Today, computers are everywhere. As such, a career as a computer technician is very promising. But to become a competent technician, you need proper training and preparation.

Like in many other professions, being certified is an advantage. To prepare for your certification, you can take a COMPTIA A+ practice test.

Here are some tips on how you can get better at what you do and grow your career:

Enroll in a Computer Technician School

This should be your first step. If you prefer not to take a 4-year program, you can at least attend a technical school. Most of these schools offer 2-year programs with lots of hands-on learning and training. This will provide you with the basics you will need in your future career.

Work on Your A+ Certification

This is among the most recognized technical job certifications. Many recruiters and employers consider the certification as a proof that the holder has at least the basic skills of a computer technician.

To get your certification, you must pass two examinations. You’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars to take both exams, but the cost will be worth it once you pass.

Learn Where and How to Find Solutions or Answers

While you can be a certified technician, it doesn’t mean you know everything. Learn how to optimize your use of search engines. Google, for example, could provide the information you are looking for. Bookmark resources that can help you improve in your chosen career. You can easily go back to them whenever necessary.

Build Your Own Computer

As a computer technician, you must know how a computer is built from scratch. If you don’t have enough money, you can put a unit together using whatever available parts you can get. Upgrade it once you have enough money. Think of it as practice. You will do it often once you are already working as a computer technician.

These are just some of the ways you can land a job as a computer technician. As you gain more experience, you can move on to higher positions and even start your own computer repair company.

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