Patio Perfect: How to Design a Patio for All Seasons

spacious patio

spacious patioDesigners and homeowners nowadays have reimagined patios as multi-purpose outdoor living spaces. From hosting intimate parties to having your own private retreat after a long day, patios are now used for a variety of activities. As such, patio furniture and design have also evolved a good deal from the conventional umbrella table and patio chairs combo that was popular years back.

Today, patios are typically roofed extensions of the main household. This exterior space is often enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass doors that create an indoor-outdoor living space where people can interact with each other.

Bring the Indoors Out

Incorporate designer couches, modern rugs, and dainty coffee tables into your patio and turn it into a living space that can be open to the outdoors. On hot summer afternoons, open the patio doors and kick back on the couch with a glass of ice-cold lemonade and you’ll find yourself in your own private retreat. Even on cold, winter nights, make the most out of your outdoor area by bringing the family together to watch movies or play games with a snowy view. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows give you the feeling of being outdoors while remaining cozy and warm indoors.

Keep It Shady

Shades and curtains are effective in keeping your patio cool in the summer at lower temperature costs. Solar shades are designed to keep your outdoor view while keeping your house cool. It is also beneficial in lowering temperature costs, cutting down energy usage from air conditioners and other cooling fixtures. These shades also reduce the glare of sunlight on your TV or computer while deflecting heat and harmful UV rays away from your household. Awnings and shades can be retracted in any way you want during the winter to get a clear view while staying warm. Their screens also keep most of the chilly air out if you choose to open some windows to enjoy a moderate winter breeze.

Provide a Heat Source

patio with fireplace

Fixtures such as a hearth for bonfires and a hot tub are enjoyable all year round, but especially during fall and winter. You may also opt to extend your patio to accommodate an outdoor kitchen with a grill that’s perfect to prepare a hot dinner outside – just be sure to layer up as it can get nippy out. Invite friends over for a holiday party and end the night with smores and hot cocoa over a bonfire or an outdoor fireplace.

Bundle Up and Make It Child-Friendly

Finish off your living space with decorative blankets, throw pillows, and beanbags that are conducive to both warm and cold weather. The sight of throw pillows around the couches and rugs immediately gives a sense of coziness. But adults aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment a patio brings. Provide a space for kids to play with toys and make craft projects, especially on days when it’s too cold or rainy out for them to go outdoors. And when they’re done, you can stash toys and materials in decorative chests or cabinets along with thick blankets and extra pillows that are stowed for winter.

Aside from achieving a homey outdoor space for your family to enjoy, a beautifully furnished patio can increase the market value of your home if you ever decide to put it up for sale someday. This turns your property into a potential investment. Indoor-outdoor areas provide a living space where the relaxation of indoor activities can be done outdoors – no matter what season it is.

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