Facial Aesthetics at a Dental Clinic in W1

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics In recent years, more and more patients pay a visit to the dentistfor more than just cleaning their teeth. They are turning to their dentists to help them achieve a better smile and to create a more youthful appearance with facial aesthetics such as Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peelings. Facial aesthetics offered by dentists is a fairly new trend, stemming from the need that some patients have to complete their cosmetic dental work with a fresher face.

At a dental clinic in W1, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, patients can enhance their facial appearance and quality of their skin with a variety of aesthetic treatments. These includeplumping out the lips and cheeks, as well as reducing wrinkles and fine lines caused by age, smoking and other environmental factors.

Why go to a dental clinic in W1 for facial aesthetics?

Dentists have spent a significant amount of time studying the muscles, tendons, nerves and other soft tissues that make up the face. They also have years of practice at using a needle and gaining the manual dexterity needed to administer delicate procedures. This makes them well placed to offer treatments such as Botox injections and dermal fillers.

These procedures can be completed in less than half an hour and do not require much preparation or anaesthesia. Botox lasts for around 3-6 months, after which a top-up treatment is needed. The effects take around a week or so to gradually appear. Dermal fillers on the other hand provide instant results.

For either treatment, a dentist can ensure effective and safe application with natural-looking results. Patients can therefore feel at ease visiting their dental clinic in W1 for facial aesthetics, as well as cosmetic, restorative, preventive and general dental care.

Eligibility for treatment

A dentist’s first priority is to ensure a patient’s dental health and wellbeing is looked after. Only once this is assured, will a dentist look to caring for a patient’s aesthetic desires, whether it is facial aesthetics or cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will take a thorough medical and dental history to ensure a patient is eligible for treatment and is not likely to experience any side effects.

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