Outdoor or Indoor Shooting Range: Which is the Better Business for You?

indoor shooting range

According to statistics, the rise of the sale of guns to first-time owners increased during the pandemic. Data show the increase in sales is around 3 million more than the regular number being sold at the same time last year. Of course, many of these people have different reasons for getting a gun. As chaotic as the situation is with the virus, many felt owning a gun is the best way to protect themselves. While for some, it’s all about staying safe while a slew of protests rocked the country.

However, one thing’s clear. For whatsoever reason people purchase guns, the fact remains that many people now need a training ground, a shooting range to be exact.

To boot, shooting ranges are a convenient way to practice using your gun. Plus, you can’t really take out the fun in them. Indeed, apart from people wanting to train, so many people need some form of entertainment. And recreational shooting offers just that. Small wonder many people have hopped into this train.

So as someone wanting to get the most bang out of your investment money, the million-dollar question now to settle is which type of shooting range is the better business. Will it be an outdoor range or an indoor range? To give you a better perspective here’s a lowdown on the benefits and downsides of both.

Outdoor Shooting Range Pros

One of the main benefits that come with an outdoor range is the natural setting. It provides a realistic scenario for people coming to practice. It’s simply refreshing. At a time, when people have been holed in-doors for months on end, it’s a great come-on.

Add to the fact that it’s open-air is the convenience of covering more grounds when it comes to practicing. In short, better exercise time for your patrons.

Another benefit is that you get to move freely. There’s more mobility with an outdoor range. Even better, there are usually plenty of areas to choose from to shoot. This provides people with more versatility compared to indoor ranges.

All that space in an outdoor range means there are a variety of things you can try out to make the shooting experience fun. That’s why outdoor ranges are often used for military training. You can even use cars to go from station to station. With this, practicing is more engaging and realistic.

Also, when it comes to outdoor ranges, you don’t have to be so bothered about the cost of setting up. It is not as expensive to build an outdoor shooting range compared to an indoor option.

Its Cons

One of the main problems with an outdoor range is bullet contamination. Since a large space is being used, it becomes hard to clean up used bullets. And like many outdoor range owners before you, you’ll have to contend with this bullet issue. It sure is extra work ensuring the land you’re using is free of lead contamination from bullets.

If the land is not thoroughly cleaned, there will be heavy lead contamination on that land, polluting the environment in the long run. Reason enough why laws are in place for outdoor ranges. For starters, take a peek at this Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) details.

Another disadvantage of outdoor ranges is convenience. More often than not, they’re located in remote places for security reasons. So usually, they’re located in the outskirts of cities and towns.

Indoor Shooting Range Pros

With indoor ranges, convenience is a great advantage. Usually, located in the center of cities, these ranges are easily accessible. Plus, they’re in high traffic areas in the city like near malls and other popular spots. That can really mean good business for you. In the long run, you can get a bigger slice of the market as workers and other professionals can easily drop by your place.

Another good thing is the fact that you can have a pro shop within the range. In the shop, people can buy guns and other accessories, not to mention shop for merchandise. You can have hats and tees that have your range logo on them. Needless to say, this can help boost sales a lot.

Moreover, lead maintenance in indoor ranges shouldn’t be a problem. Since space isn’t so large, clearing used bullets is easier. Even better, with an indoor range, people can come in to practice any time. The weather won’t be a hindering factor, unlike outdoor ranges.


With an indoor range, the main problem is the expenses that come with it. You have to fully equip the indoor range to meet all the safety requirements. At the same time, owners will have to invest in reducing noise. Noise-reducing materials like foam, special doors, and sealants will have to be used.

Thankfully, some companies are experts in setting up shooting ranges. A classic example is the iconic Evolve Range Solutions. They’re into facility construction building a host of shooting ranges for years now. Plus, as retailers, they can also sell firearms as well. What’s more astounding is they’ve raised the shooting experience like no other with their EV-R Target System where you use real guns to shoot at digital targets. In short, they’re a one-stop-shop that could realize your desire to own a shooting range.

Another wrinkle in an indoor range is you have ventilation requirements. Yup, an indoor range needs a high-quality HVAC system to filter the air. Surely, that’s added burden for you.

Worse, indoor ranges are cramped in space compared to outdoor ones. That means there is a restriction to activities that can be done within the shooting range.

It’s a tough choice. But with everything that’s laid down before you, choosing the better option should be a walk in the park.

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