Digital Business: The Best Tools to Help Your Online Franchise

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Innovation and automation. These two words always go hand in hand when describing a new way of doing things, the digital transformation currently happening in the workplace. It’s designed to create a drastic change to the way businesses ply their trade.

This current trend is sweeping companies, making sure that outdated, manual, and legacy processes are swept out and replaced by streamlined work. With this, even your non-surgical scoliosis correction appointments can be made in real-time, as quickly as if you were in the hospital itself. In short, better AI, better business processes, even if you’re not in the office.

With the pandemic currently in place, companies are still looking for ways to operate. Here’s how 2021’s digital tools will look like and which among them are the ones you should consider.

RingCentral Office

With the world in lockdown, the office has moved from where office workers travel to one where they wake up, stretch, get out of bed, and go to their home office. RingCentral Office helps these workers be updated on the go as if they’re in the office.

This software provides a solution to the quest for a unified communications software, which can be used anywhere. Any device is open if it has access to the internet. This is a vital tool for successful businesses, especially in the work-from-home scene.

The tool helps workers become more focused by having video conferencing and instant messaging readily available on their laptops or the palm of their fingertips. They won’t even need to search for other software, as this has it all.


Project management is another part of digital transformation that, sadly, not everyone knows how to work properly. The app MeisterTask makes tasks for project managers easier and makes this integral part of the digital business simpler to navigate.

As opposed to RingCentral, MeisterTaks helps teams operate efficiently. It has project boards that can help teams focus on creating workflows that can be automated and made more streamlined for efficiency. Scheduling and tasks are made easier with the inclusion of a timeline tracker.

Users can track time, aside from creating team projects that they can share with teammates and other collaborators. The employee workload and productivity trackers are also a nice touch, enabling managers to be always on top of the team.


Another part of the digital business is handling your clients and customers via a team of customer relationship agents. This is where the CRM software Apptivo comes in. This app hosts different integrations and features that make it the top choice for different work environments.

Remote work doesn’t mean local teams; it means a global team of different individuals from whatever nationality. Apptivo can cover these teams’ needs and more. Aside from sales tracking, the app also has a provision to capture leads and convert them into workable potential clients.


If you’re in the business of selling products or services, you’re bound to have more competitors. If you have competitors, then you’ll value your clients and customers more. A niche can only ever get so crowded, and if you don’t satisfy your customers, they’ll start looking for better alternatives to your services.

Using Duo goes a long way to keeping your customers. Duo is a payments solution app that helps you avoid headaches by converting sales. This payment solution can also help you create a stream of loyal customers based only on the simplicity of transacting with your business.

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What would a digital business be without WordPress? This is the quintessential go-to app for small business and medium entrepreneurs alike. It is one of the best content management software available on the market today. It’s very easy to create a site here, not to mention write an article for SEO purposes.

It has a lot of features than other CMS sites. The best thing about it, perhaps, is that it’s fairly simple to use and design. Many companies have put their trust in WordPress, and there’s quite nothing in the market that can compare to what it can offer, even to this day.

There are a lot of businesses that have turned to digital marketing today. Rather than disrupt business operations, they’ve figured that the COVID-19 pandemic and succeeding lockdowns are challenges to be overcome with specific strategies. Take a look at this list for what it is, a guide on which tools are effective for your business and help turn your traditional business into an online company. This way, you can experience growth and success amid a global health crisis.

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