Understanding Lifestyle Trends and Gender Issues


Men are men, and women are women. But both can like the same things and step into the other’s realm without losing their gender identity. Just because I love football doesn’t make me less of a lady. Just because I’m a girl-dad doesn’t make less of a man.

As we consider these and other issues, let us look into a few interesting gender-based lifestyle trends. 

Parenting: The Undefined Role

Unless you have been living at the bottom of the ocean, you are aware of the covid-19 global pandemic and its consequences on human lives all across the globe. Arguably one of the biggest ones is the growing number of individuals working from home on either a semi-permanent or full-time basis. It includes people in all business sectors, from IT to manufacturing, telecommunications, marketing, trade, and so on. It is also true for men and women as both genders find themselves in the house, working side by side, sharing home offices in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Still, what the pandemic has done is not only bring fathers and mothers together under one roof for the majority of the day but also demystified preexisting gender roles passed on from generation to generation for the last five hundred years. It is especially true for men as women have been working for decades now while having to deal with the many responsibilities of the house and in their private lives.

The woman of today is amazing. She can balance a thriving career with a couple of rugrats and remain beautiful and sexy. But Dads Are Awesome says dads are also amazing in their own ways. Whether they are in the house or the office, they can assist in raising children, cook, and clean while at the same time providing for their families and maintaining the household environment safe and sound.

Health: Honesty and Open Communication

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The majority of women have always been straightforward, open, and sincere about their health. They understand the importance of prevention and regular checkups. Some of the most common ones are tests for breast cancer, heart health, diabetes, and cervical issues. More importantly, women are not usually afraid of letting others know, be it their husbands, friends, colleagues, or bosses, that certain health priorities in life supersede other things. As for men, well, it is oftentimes a different story. 

Men are hunters and providers. They epitomize strength, physical prowess, and courage in the face of adversity. But that doesn’t mean they cannot get sick, and if they do, shouldn’t talk about it. 

It is the exact opposite. The less they communicate, the more dangerous the situation might become, and maintaining an image of masculinity and toughness is no longer necessary. 

A clear example of this is the late, great Hollywood actor and Black Panther superstar Chadwick Boseman, a man who appeared larger than life both in the celluloid and in real life but was also secretly struggling with colon cancer. While his passing was untimely and devastating for family members, friends, and fans all over the world, it also brought to light the value of men taking care of their health and doing what is necessary to maintain it.

We must remember that even if men and women are physically different, we are all at risk of illness, and being healthy is the biggest tool we can have.

Fashion and Beauty: Conservatism With a Twist

If you were to look at a woman’s vanity mirror, you would find dozens of beauty products like cotton puffs and toners to astringents, moisturizers, sunscreens, facial rollers, and everything in between. And there is nothing wrong with that. If that is what a woman requires to look young and feel confident about herself, and she can afford it, then all power to her. After all, she isn’t hurting anybody by embracing her femininity and looking great. 

While the same is true for men, and it has been so for decades, what we are seeing now in beauty is a combination of good, poreless skin, sleek hair, and thin, soft eyebrows with true masculinity. A man doesn’t engage in the three-step nightly skincare routine because he wants to be more feminine. Rather, he does it to stay healthy and attractive to both the other gender and himself. Like women, men are starting to buy the best products in the market and investing in anything from steamers to charcoal masks and non-irritating aftershaves.

As for fashion, males and females alike are embracing traditional gender-based colors and styles but also combining them with splashes of uniqueness that only highlight these trends.

Our lifestyles are often defined by the relationships we maintain, how we take care of ourselves, and what we choose to wear. In the 21st century, all is fair and acceptable. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, it is you who defines yourself based on your own choices and beliefs.

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