The Relationship Between Looking Good and Doing Well at Work

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No matter your position, job performance is a hot topic for everyone. A single evaluation can mean the difference between a raise—maybe even a promotion—or a demotion. This is why it’s crucial to look good in front of the higher-ups. But when it comes to the office, looking good doesn’t just refer to working hard or giving great ideas in front of the bosses. It’s also about your physical appearance.

Here’s how you look can influence how you do at work:


A study has found that 7 out of 10 people suffer from impostor syndrome. It’s when professionals doubt their capabilities or that they only got their achievements due to luck. This proves that everyone needs a boost of confidence now and then. One of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve this is by looking the part. It’s not just about playing dress up. Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology shows that people who wore professional looking clothes performed better in tests than those in street clothes.

Besides fashion, there are other ways to boost your self-confidence. Dental issues and blemishes are common insecurities among all ages and genders. On the bright side, these problems can always be solved with invisible braces and a doctor’s diagnosis. You don’t need to do something drastic like get plastic surgery to look good and feel good. Sometimes, addressing things that make you doubt yourself can mean a world of difference.

Beauty Bias

In an ideal world, all that matters is your work. How you provide quality output, meet deadlines, and provide helpful proposals. The reason for a person’s success is that of their hard work, experience, and skills. But in reality, there are other factors that affect how well you do at work. Sometimes, it’s all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Other times, it’s also about how you look.

In fact, a study by Harvard University shows that attractive people are more likely to be hired than their counterparts. The same study debunks the idea that beautiful people are more able to do the same job. But the truth remains: there is a beauty bias.

This idea doesn’t exist in a vacuum, either. Surveys conducted in different times and parts of the world prove that there is a halo effect. It’s when one facet influences a person’s entire impression. When applied to physical beauty in the workplace, people believe that attractiveness is an indicator of ability and skill.

A 1988 study shows that students believed they would learn better from attractive teachers. Research from Asian universities found that people are more likely to fund people who they believe are beautiful.


work relationships

Building and maintaining a good, working relationship with your boss is important. As previously mentioned, it can affect how much you’re paid. It can also influence how you develop professionally. Having a mentor can do wonders for your career like no other.

But when it comes to the workplace, you don’t just have to get along with the higher-ups. It’s crucial that you work well with your colleagues, too.

Over the years, studies have proven that employees’ happiness is the key to better productivity. It’s not a surprise why more and more companies are offering benefits like free food, transportation, and gym memberships. But one of the best ways to be happy at work is by forging relationships with co-workers. Studies show that it can help workers’ well-being, stress management, and overall performance. It’s easy to understand when you think about it. No matter the industry or field, work is stressful enough on its own. It takes up your time, energy, and effort. You’ll need all the support you can get.

Stunning Success

Cute kids know they’re adorable right from the get-go because they’re told repeatedly. As they grow up, their self-confidence and belief develop as well. Naturally, this transforms into great communication and social skills that they’ll use well into adulthood.

These skills come in handy when they’re talking with their boss about their salary and title. Science proves this idea. Research has shown that communication skills are better indicators of financial success than IQ.

According to the American Dream, everyone has equal opportunities to achieve success. No matter the color of your skin, your gender, or the size of your bank account. You only need to work hard, and you can achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, it’s not always true for everyone. People do get an advantage because of how they look and who they know. The good news is that you control how you see yourself and you can boost your confidence.

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