Fencing Options: Why Black Metal Fencing is in Demand

There are many reasons to fence in a property, like keeping pets and kids safe in the backyard. Fences also keep intruders out and give property owners privacy. Any type of fencing can do all of these things and more — if you choose the right style and materials. Even though there are many to choose from, wood and metal are the most popular. Of late, the demand for black metal fencing is on the rise and for the following reasons:


Weather-related changes can take a toll on your fence. Wood fences are less costly to install, but they don’t last as long because it expands and contracts due to the rain, snow, and sun. Termites also take a bite out of wooden fences. Metal fencing, on the other hand, is sturdier and the color black makes it look elegant. To stave off weather related issues, metal fences can be treated with coatings to keep them from rusting.

Wood as an organic material will break down over time. Repairs and polyurethane coatings are necessary on a regular basis to keep the fence looking good. Metal fencing requires far less maintenance, and buyers have a choice between aluminum and steel as a base material.


There is no doubt that wood is relatively an inexpensive fencing material. Timber is easy to cut, too. Metal fencing requires more work since you need to cast it. While it’s more expensive upfront, the initial investment makes up for the costs in terms of durability and long life.


There is no doubt that wood is easier to break, which lets burglars get in and out of a property faster. Metal fencing requires more effort — intruders would probably need metal saws, which would be noisy. Metal fencing with posts, screws, and other decorative touches can make it difficult to breach, as well.


Both materials have their own charm and feel — wood has better visual appeal and is warmer. Wood fences can complement a building’s architecture. Metal fencing, on the other hand, offers a different feel to any property.


There is no doubt that metal fencing is more environmentally friendly than wood. Experts melt down metal from old cars and other appliances and use them to make fences, whereas wood wouldn’t last for more than 40 or 50 years.

Many manufacturers are now offering metal fencing at affordable prices making it easier for property owners to get sturdy fences and stay safe.

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