Ways to Beat the Itch

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Itchy skin is a common problem during the summer. If you still feel itchy in some places where you shouldn’t itch, you might have a bug problem in your home. It could be a matter of dirt and grime becoming too much for your skin. Beat the itch even before it touches your skin by doing these three easy steps for an itch-free day.

Seek pest control

If you suddenly feel itchy and observe raised welts on your skin, the likely culprit, according to Greenside Pest Control, is bed bugs. If these pests are the reason why you suddenly feel itchy, you might need to call an expert team to do pest control service. Being infested with pests, especially ones that bite are a serious problem and only pest extermination can rid you of this problem.

Don’t forget to clean

Sometimes, you feel itchy from dust and dirt. If this is the case, then you shouldn’t forget to clean your house and tidy yourself. Vacuum if you must, to wash away the dirt from your body with soap and water. The same remedy is also applicable to help reduce the itch if you suddenly get bug bites.

Try home remedies or something stronger

If the bite is swelling, you can do some home remedies to cure it. Washing it with water and soap is one. You can also use a warm or cold pack or apply vinegar to stop ease the itchy sensation. If any of these do not work, you can buy a corticosteroid cream in your local pharmacy.

A word of caution: If it itches, resist from scratching it. You might make matters worse by having a secondary infection from excessive rubbing. Search for the cause of the itch first then address it properly, so you won’t have to face the dire consequences later.

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