Women’s Guide to Getting Ready for a Formal Event

Ladies like preparing even days before an actual event. Most girls already choose their outfit for that day and set their preparation time. But when it comes to formal events, women like to up their preparation game. That’s because formal events would require more planning. Otherwise, it will be a complete rush and hassle during the event day itself.

If you’ve just been invited to your first formal event and you have no idea how to prepare for it, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you women get ready for a formal event.

Study the invitation

You might think that the invitation contains only the essential event details like the date, time, and place. But for formal events, the invitation contains more than just that. Usually, it will tell you every important detail about the event, including the dress code, theme, etc. Pay attention to notable information in the invitation to help you make your preparation plans.

Find a dress

Probably one of the hardest parts of preparing for a formal event is finding the perfect dress. Unlike regular gatherings or parties where you can pretty much wear anything you want, formal events would require some shopping.

If the invitation states a specific dress code or theme, make sure you find a dress that actually fits the instructions. It’s the least you can do to show respect to the host. After all, it’s their party, so be kind enough to abide by the dress code. If there’s none, then you have the freedom to choose whatever color or design you want! Just make sure it passes the definition of “formal.”

Buy some accessories

woman wearing necklace

Accessories and jewelry can completely transform an entire look. So don’t even worry if you feel like your dress is too simple or plain. You can always spice up your look with some accessories. Choose something that will go well with your attire. Maybe a silver necklace would work well with a pink dress. You have the freedom to choose your accessories but do be careful not to overdress!

Think of your hairstyle

This step is something that shouldn’t be neglected. Many make the mistake of planning their hairstyles on the day of the event. But we never know when bad hair days will strike. Ideally, you should plan what type of hairstyle you’ll be doing several days beforehand. This will allow you to get all the things you need to make it happen, like a hair curler, a moisture retention styling gel, or a couple of hairpins.

Plan your makeup look

Your event makeup will either make or break your entire look! Once you’ve got your dress, accessories, and hairstyle idea, think of how you want your makeup to be. Make sure the colors complement your outfit. For formal events, glam makeup would be perfect. Choose a feature you want to highlight, either your eyes or lips and use a dark shade for that particular feature. The other parts of your face should be in lighter, more subtle shades. Top off your lips with a shiny lip gloss!

Prepare at least two hours ahead

Formal events would need at least 2 hours of preparation beforehand. That’s the estimated amount of time you need to finish your hair and makeup. Make sure you start preparing really early so you don’t run late for the big event!

A formal event look can come out perfectly as long as you’ve done your preparation and planning. With these tips, you’ll be walking into your next formal event confidently and hassle-free.

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