What to Do in Your Gap Year

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You might be considering a gap year after you finish your studies. Many students do this to clear their minds and think about their future. Some choose to travel, others get a job, some just want a break, and others prefer to volunteer in different parts of the world.

Experts in New Zealand agree on the following types of gap year programs you can consider before entering university.

Travel the World

Many students work part-time to have more than enough to travel the world. They visit popular backpacking regions such as Southeast Asia and South America. You have this option as well if you choose not to enter university right away. Travelling provides benefits that you will carry all the way until you finish your undergraduate studies. This opens your mind and broadens your horizon because you will experience different cultures, meet all sorts of people, maybe even learn a new language, and help you become an independent person.

Do Volunteer Work

If you are not eager to travel the world, another option is to do volunteer work for charities. This opens your eyes to some of the problems the world has created and helps you realise you might play a role in solving at least a few of them. Volunteers do a variety of things such as tutor children in developing countries, assist in clinics or offices, do administrative work, or be a tour group leader.

Be a Teaching Assistant

Many students who go on a gap year consider teaching or tutoring an option. This is open to many native English speakers, especially with the high demand in Asia and Africa. If you have the experience or are willing to obtain it, look for a program that allows you to get a job or internship as a teaching assistant.

Get an Internship

If you cannot get a full-time job, consider an internship instead. Choose one related to your field of study or interests. This allows you to hone your skills and gain experience in your chosen industry. This may even help you get into the university you prefer.

Learn a New Language

Spend your gap year learning a new language or languages to add a new skill to your resume. A second or third language provides you with an advantage when looking for a job. It also allows you to immerse in a certain country’s culture because you can speak with locals. This opens doors for you in the country you want to explore. The probability of you getting a job then increases.

Learn a New Skill

learning a new skill

Other than a new language, consider learning other skills that will improve your resume when you apply for a job or university. Learn how to make and operate a website that generates income, teach children, organise a group tour, lead a team, and many others. This broadens your horizon and makes you at least employable.

These are only some of the things you can do during your gap year. These are options to consider that will help you learn more about yourself and build yourself a possible future career.

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