Challenges of Living with the Elderly

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When you have reached the age of 18, it is expected that you will learn to be independent and live on your own. However, there are instances that one would need to continue living at home, to look after their aging parents. There are varied challenges associated with this lifestyle choice:

Safety for the elderly

One of the major concerns of living with the elderly is their safety when you leave them at home. While they can manage on their own, their strength and endurance are not the same. They may try to lift something that turns out to be too heavy for them, slipping a disc and needing to be brought to the hospital.

These are events that you do not want to happen, so home modification may be an option you want to explore. This makes their surroundings safer for them. Another option is to transfer them to a facility where they can be monitored, like Phoenix AZ independent living. This way, you are not constantly worrying about them.

Looking out for your parents’ needs

It is natural that if you live with your elderly parents, you also have to see to their needs. This means not only their safety but also their food. They may not be able to eat the same food as you, and their diet may need variations and measurements to suit their specific needs. This is especially crucial if they have chronic illnesses or existing medical condition.

Recreation is also important for seniors. You should also consider using your weekend to bring them out to dine or have fun, as being inside the house 24/7 can become tiresome for them. However, having to look after them in this way can become taxing for an individual.

Time of your comings and goings

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When you still live with your parents, your indepence and freedom may become an issue. With a senior to look after, you probably would not be able to come and go as you please without looking for someone to stay with them. You probably won’t be able to stay out all night, for fear that something bad may happen to them.

Personal life

Eventually, you may want to settle down, find a partner to spend the rest of your life with, and start a family of your own. Having an elderly person to look after, while attempting to do all of that, could be a challenge. Finding and meeting Mister or Miss Right would be next to impossible if you have to constantly be alert in case something happens to your elderly loved one. Once you actually do find that person, creating time for the two of you to work on your relationship may become challenging, because of your senior’s requirements. However, if you do find someone who accepts your situation, better hang on to them. That one’s a keeper.

If your parents are too weak and need more time than you can commit, perhaps you need to consider looking for alternatives like independent living. This way, you are assured that they are looked after properly, and their needs are attended to. These facilities offer not just 24/7 companions, but also leisure activities that will keep your parents active. With them being looked after and their needs provided for, you can sleep better at night.

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