What Happens During an Open MRI?

In this video, the reporter delves into the struggles individuals encounter in conventional MRI machines due to their constrained tubes. Being crammed into such tight spaces evokes a sensation of entrapment, fostering discomfort and a feeling of being hemmed in from all sides. This physical confinement can intensify feelings of claustrophobia, making the scanning process distressing for many, as expressed by the patient, who described the experience as feeling trapped.

However, the MRI open scanner offers a refreshing alternative. Its design provides more space and improved airflow, alleviating the closed-in sensation experienced in traditional machines.

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Patients appreciate the spaciousness and the lack of physical contact within the scanner, making the environment feel less confining. The openness of the apparatus, though not completely unrestricted, offers a 360-degree view, alleviating anxieties related to confinement and allowing patients to feel more at ease during the procedure.

Each patient responds uniquely to the experience. The reporter notes the diversity in emotional reactions among individuals, ranging from tears to expressions of gratitude like hugs or even sending cards. Despite this range of responses, the common thread is a sense of relief upon completion. Patients leave the scanner knowing they’ve faced their fears and anxieties, emerging with results in hand, which brings a profound sense of closure and relief, making the experience worthwhile.


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