Wedding Gifts that Truly Celebrate New Beginnings

wedding gifts

On average, you will end up attending at least two weddings per year. And while it’s a fun and intimate event, it can also be nerve-racking looking for wedding gift ideas. What gifts should you bring? You can make them count by choosing these five presents that symbolise new beginnings:

1. Champagne

A wedding is one of the best times to bring out the finest champagnes and pop the cork. Lovebirds can toast it with friends or by themselves once the celebration has ended. Either way, a bottle of champagne and a sip of it can make anyone feel relaxed, which couples need after months of preparation. It’s also a nice way of saying job well done and good luck for their new lives ahead. To make it even more surprising for the couple, consider champagne delivery. You can order one online, choosing the best brand, and let the company take care of the rest.

2. Seedlings

Plants are some of the ideal metaphors about life and relationships. Their growth can mean the deepening closeness or bond between the married couple (and even with their families and friends). That makes seedlings an excellent present to the newlyweds. They can plant them right after their wedding, and then they can watch the plants grow through the years.

The kind of nurture they provide to them can also mirror the level of care and love they show to each other. Once they have kids, they can share the story of these plants to them—a beautiful way of looking back into one of the greatest days of their lives.

3. Doormats

Most couples buy a home or rent an apartment of their own. The experience, while exciting, will be new to them. There will be anxiety and nervousness. They might even ask, “Can we really make it?”

You might not be there with them at all times, but you can let them know they can build wonderful new memories in their home. You can give them doormats! These days, you can find many doormat designs with inspirational or funny quotes. You can even customise them to bear the couple’s names or monogrammed initials.

4. Journals

As the couple grows older, and even start building their family, they will find themselves in the thick of things: jobs, children, businesses, and bills, to name a few. Wouldn’t it be nice if they can look back in their early days and remember how far they have come?

You can help them do that by giving them journals. They can write their collective thoughts, put up some memorable photos, or other details they might miss because of their busyness.

5. Subscription Boxes

Why limit yourself with one gift when you can give them something each month, at least for the first year? In subscription boxes, the couple has something to look forward to. And because it’s often a surprise, your monthly present will make them feel giddy and excited. You have many choices for subscriptions: food, dresses, anything that can help them get by during their first 12 months.

Wedding guests tend to spend as much as £75 for a wedding gift. Don’t let it go to waste. Find the ones they will genuinely appreciate and help them celebrate their new beginnings.

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