The Frugal Bride: Pulling Off Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

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Weddings are considered to be one of the most important days of a person’s life. Most couples would be pressured to plan the most extravagant and luxurious wedding to be considered perfect. The wedding is the day a whole new chapter of a couple’s life will finally begin, and for some, reaching that huge milestone will require the grandest celebration ever.

Weddings in the United States are not exactly inexpensive. On average, wedding ceremonies will cost about $33,900, not including the expenses for the honeymoon. However, most people might not realize that there are ways you can cut back on spending on your wedding without making it any less perfect. A lot of people might think it’s impossible, but we’re going to change your mind with convenient pointers for planning your dream wedding on a tight budget!

It is better to plan.

What most couples do for an inexpensive wedding is to plan. Set your priorities straight and dedicate yourselves to creating a strict budget plan. In most cases, about 45% of couples planning for their wedding exceed their budget while 6% actually stay under budget; therefore, the temptation is not that easy to avoid. Remember to stand your ground and discipline yourself to follow-through the plans you have made or will be making. Communicating with your partner and establishing realistic goals like getting a more affordable diamond ring for her can be okay as long as you both agree and understand why saving money is better. This can be a means of early training for your lives as husband and wife.

It would be best to plan arrangements for the guest list and where your wedding will take place. For a cheaper wedding, one thing you can consider is limiting your guest list. Acknowledge that the more people you invite, the more mouths there are to feed. Make sure only to ask the people you know well instead of inviting people out of obligation. Doing so will make your wedding more intimate and special while letting you save money. Furthermore, having fewer guests can mean lower costs on food, invitations, tables, and chairs. Ultimately, this can even lead to a smaller and cheaper venue for the wedding.

Find the “perfect” venue.

wedding venueDestination weddings will usually cost you a lot more compared to a simple wedding at home. The average spending of a couple on destination weddings is an estimated $35,000. Staying near your home can be easier for you, your family, and friends. Consider tying the knot in your own backyard or at your relative’s guest house so you can end up having your wedding and reception at a venue for free.

Less is more.

Wedding decorations will usually cost a lot for most weddings. Try not to exaggerate your decor by applying minimalist ideas and aesthetics for your wedding. Instead of expensive flower arrangements, keep the flowers at your ceremony and reception simple yet beautiful. Minimizing the number of flowers can help you spend less on decorations that will eventually die as soon as the reception ends. Also, opting for fake flowers instead of real ones can help you save more money but can still have the same effect that real flowers will give to your ceremony.

Demanding fewer gifts from your guests can also be a great strategy. Instead of gifts, you can ask your guests to offer help like contributions for the decorations, food, drinks, or even asking them to perform at your wedding or take pictures and document the event. With both of your families combined, there will undoubtedly be some hidden talents and skills that can be utilized on your perfect day.

DIY to the fullest

Use your wedding as an excuse to bond with family and friends through arts and crafts. Having planned the wedding months before the actual event, you can have more time to make your own props, decorations, and even invitations for your quests. Pull out your printer at home so you can design and print your invitation cards. Better yet, decorate them with your handwriting and stationary. This will be easier if you’ve actually limited your guest list and invited only a few people.

Baking your own wedding cake can be more affordable and significant as well. Also, having your bridesmaids and groomsmen accompany you to thrift stores can be an enjoyable trip. You can find elegant and vintage gowns and suits for the ceremony and reception. Keep in mind that planning a wedding does not necessarily need to be stressful and hectic. Having enjoyed the process of making your dream wedding come to life can provide more touching memories that you can go back to as you grow older.

Overall, don’t put too much pressure on how your wedding should go or how it should appear. Bear in mind that lovers who spend too much on weddings have a higher chance of getting divorced. Therefore, how grand or luxurious your wedding will be may not even matter at all. What’s important is that you can finally tie the knot with the love of your life in front of your close friends and family.

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