Backpacking and Visiting Southeast Asian Countries

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Backpacking and travelling to a Southeast Asian Country is a dream for most people from temperate countries. The section of the world offers a lot more than jungles and tropical wildlife: flora and fauna. The demographics and history of Southeast Asia are unique and cannot be compared to anything else around the world.

Because of the different geological features that Southeast Asia houses, it became a hub to various animals and plant life that cannot be found anywhere else. The region alone contains a fifth of the planet’s flora. As it stands, the area also includes a quarter of the known biodiversity centres where there is a concentration of a wide array of species. Unfortunately, most of them are endangered.

Most of the countries in Southeast Asia rely on tourism to augment their economy. While it contains a heavy concentration of the world’s biodiversity, the region is relatively small in landmass. The area cannot plant and produce food as much as other sites can. The countries heavily rely on tourism to make up for their economic earnings. There is no shortage of beautiful spots in the region. From stunning mountain ranges to wonderful beaches, Southeast Asia offers a wide range of activities you can experience for a relatively cheap amount. Different countries in the South-eastern region of Asia offer backpacking experiences like no other.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia is very easy to do if you are up to it. How do you get started?

Securing a Travel Visa

Securing a travel visa is the first thing you must do to travel to the region. Depending on the strength of your passport, most Southeast Asian countries allow foreigners from specific countries to enter without a hitch. Japanese passports are considered the world’s strongest in 2021, as it grants holders visa-free entry to 193 countries.

Citizens of New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States can enter visa-free to 187 countries — including some nations in the Southeast Asian region. Almost all countries in the area allow visa-free entry and travel to tourists on the most powerful passports list, except for Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.

Securing Accommodation

Accommodation may be counter-intuitive to someone who will backpack across Southeast Asia, but it is crucial to have a place to get in touch when you arrive. Securing your accommodation is vital for seamless travel and backpacking in the rainforests and other tourist hotspots in the region. Getting accommodation in Southeast Asia is as easy as acquiring suitable accommodation in other countries. Almost everything can be reserved and paid for online. As a region that primarily earns from tourism, you can expect that they have made booking accommodations and travel specifics easier.

Also, they are much more accommodating when it comes to specific booking requests. Most bed and breakfasts in Southeast Asia want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Securing a Guide

Booking a backpacking guide in advance should be a wise idea. You have to remember that, like yourself, many people are travelling there from different parts of the globe. Booking a guide early will make sure you do not land there empty-handed.

Getting a guide will also allow you to experience all that there is in a specific area. While you may be an experienced traveller, the site is still a foreign place. Chances are, you will run into some hiccups when travelling. Having a guide by your side to show you where to go and where not to ensures that you have the best and most efficient travel experience. Guides are also easy to contact and relatively cheap.

Securing a Travel Plan

Backpacking is never easy. Having a travel plan with a fixed schedule with cushion days will guarantee that you have the smoothest time possible travelling. While the Southeast Asian nations are relatively modern, the areas you can backpack to are remote.

Chances are, you might not have any reliable internet connection to fallback to. A travel plan assures that you have a grand time exploring nature without the help of technology. You will never feel lost nor alone if you have a travel plan. A fixed schedule with cushion days also grants you the ability to spend more time on a specific area if you enjoy it that much.

Backpacking is a dream only a few will be able to enjoy. Ensure that you have a great time by planning ahead and not making everything spontaneous. While spontaneity is enjoyable, you have to remember that you are still travelling to a foreign country. Hiccups are entirely possible. Get started early in your travel plans and book for your dream now!

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