Practical Ways to Find Your Personal Style

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Every year, new fashion trends pop up. Sometimes, these trends can feel depressing for some women. They feel that they do not fit in any of those newest crazes. Every woman has her sense of style. Not all may follow the current fashion trend. Nonetheless, a particular style will capture a woman’s unique personality. Here are some simple techniques that you can try to find your personal style.

Check Your Closet

The contents of your closet are a good place to start. First, bring out the pieces that make you feel good. You would notice that they have something in common. That will give some clue to your personal style. Keep the items that still resonate with you and still fit you.

The second thing that you need to do is to remove everything that you are not using anymore. You may donate or sell them. Once you only have the items you like, you must keep your wardrobe sensible. Try some of these wardrobe resolutions.

  • Do not buy something that you can only use for one occasion. It does not matter if it is for your best friend’s wedding or your parent’s golden anniversary. Resist buying pieces you can never wear again. Instead, buy stylish pieces that you can mix with other items in your closet. Also, learn to accessorize. There are many choices online, like the stylish brand Charriol. An outfit can take on a different level when paired with the right accessories.
  • Adopt the one-in-one-out policy. Whenever you buy something, you must let go of another article of clothing. That is why it is not advisable to go on a shopping spree, even if it is on sale.
  • Learn the art of cloth swapping and rental fashion. You can rely on your most stylish friends to have a piece that would fit you and your style. Renting can help you try different styles without much regret and cost.

A sensibly sized closet would help you maximize everything you own. It would be easier to bring out your personal style. Never allow your closet to get out of hand. This is where confusion creeps in. You might get tempted to wear something because it is there, anyways.

Look for Some Inspiration

If you are unsure of what style you like or would fit you, look for some fashion inspiration. You can observe what elements you like about how your family and friends dress up. Take note of the colors, fit, cut, and even the texture. Think of all that will work for you.

Celebrities and influencers are other great sources for some inspiration. You can check their photo archives on social media to get an idea of some fashion styles. The internet is also rich with some fashion tips. Do your research to find something that you think embodies your personal style.

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Visualize with a Fashion Mood Board

Once you get enough inspiration, you can make the ideas more concrete. Create a fashion mood board. Take pictures of outfits you like and pin them on your board. You can work from something very general until you narrow them down to their common factor. Are most of the images sporting a casual look, or do they project a more sophisticated look?

You can also try to keep a notebook or diary of past outfits that made you feel great. It could be something that you wore and received a lot of compliments from other people. Write it down and describe it in length. Better yet, take some pictures. You would see why that certain outfit suited you. Did it enhance your body type or complemented your skin or eye color?

Pictures are powerful tools to help you see in detail what works for you. Keep some favorites and take pictures on your phone. Use them as a guide next time you are on a shopping trip.

Go for a Capsule Wardrobe

Every woman should never underestimate the power and sensibility of a capsule wardrobe. These are basic articles of clothing that can match well with other pieces. Some examples are white shirts, a little black dress, denim jeans, a classic skirt, and a denim jacket. When you have the right pieces of clothes, you would not need a walk-in closet.

Fashion trends come and go. They sometimes come in cycles. They become popular, replaced with another trend, and reemerge some other time. Women and fashion will always have a connection. Women love to feel good by dressing up in their best clothes and accessories. But, you do not have to follow a trend that you know would not suit you. Stay true to your personal style. Even if your preferences change a bit, continue to experiment and go for some tweaks as necessary.

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