Up Your Business’s Advertising Game Through a Well-Curated Display

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You have finally decided to try your hands on becoming an entrepreneur. One of the things you’d immediately worry about is how to get your name out there and attract as many customers as possible. There are traditional advertising methods such as word-of-mouth and paying for newspaper or magazine ads, which can still be highly effective despite being on the pricier end.

But now, there are more cost-effective ways to let your business be known without having to spend a fortune. There are social media posts and even simpler methods such as flyers and custom stickers you can buy from NZ stores or suppliers.

But, here is a tip: how about letting your business speak for itself by focusing on literally what your business looks like. It is essential to focus on how your website looks or how well-crafted your products are. But you cannot neglect the benefits of having a properly designed storefront in your physical stores.

Online shopping has made things easier for customers yet challenging for owners of brick-and-mortar shops. But, studies revealed that shoppers still prefer going to brick-and-mortar locations for all their shopping needs.

That is even more reason you should increase your efforts in making sure your storefront display is doing its job. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of passers-by and encourage them to visit your shop, so make sure that each one of them counts.

It is important to make a great first impression to build a solid customer base. Be as creative as you can with your storefront display by taking these ideas into consideration:

Tell a story through your products

While it can be tempting to simply just line up all your newest or best-selling products in front of your shop, it’s more interesting and certainly eye-catching to arrange your products properly in a way that introduces your business to potential customers and tells a wonderful story.

The easiest way to relate to people is through storytelling. If you can create a scene through a well-curated storefront display, it will be easier for customers to imagine how your products can be beneficial to them in their daily lives.

Visit some huge department stores in your area and see how their virtual merchandising team applies this technique to attract customers and eventually make a sale. Also, observe how often they change the displays, so you will know when and how to pace yours.

Place your products at an eye-level

Everything that you want to get sold immediately should be placed at an eye-level – this is a principle in merchandise display that many experts have been using for decades. So, step outside of your shop and try to imagine how you can direct potential customers’ line of sight towards your latest and best products and offerings at an eye level.

Of course, it does not have to be linear. Be as creative as you can and use many textures and layers to make the overall display more appealing. Create a nice balance by having bigger items at the back and the smaller ones in front.

Finally, do not forget about the lighting. Sometimes all you need to make sure your products look their best is by doing some strategic lighting. See if you can keep your display lighted up even at night for maximum effect.

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