10 Types of Marketers That Can Help with Your Efforts

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Marketers specialize in implementing and managing your company’s marketing efforts and developing a strategy that will help entice your target audience. Many of them have specialties, but some of their standards include market research or telemarketing. You can work with one company for years or based on the project’s duration.

You can also look for individual marketers or freelancers with specialized marketing skills to manage and develop projects. Below are some digital marketing agencies you can find in the industry.

What Do Marketers Do?

Marketers specialize in implementing and developing marketing strategies that can help with market research. That can help you determine what strategies will benefit you and what will not. Then, conducting demographic research follows to find the right audience.

If you’ve already found a target audience and the right approach, marketers examine the campaign’s results, implement campaign materials, and develop a plan for your goals.

Your goal of working with marketing firms is to expand your brand, grow your business, improve revenue and sales, maintain your current customer base, and turn your target audience into potential customers.

Different Kinds of Marketers

You’ll find numerous marketing firms specializing in different fields, industries, customer demographics, and marketing strategies. Find the marketing approach that best fits your business to maximize what your marketers have to offer. Here are a few examples:

Advertising Firms

Your advertising companies still rely on traditional strategies. Before the internet’s existence, this was the primary method people always used for their business. Usually, they offer numerous services, including digital marketing and branding. Advertisers are in control of the outdoor markets, print, radio, and TV.

If you have a massive budget for marketing, hiring an advertising firm is the best option.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancies specialize in evaluating your existing plans and providing clear insights. Most of them don’t deal with implementing a campaign, but instead, they’ll examine the campaign materials and implement new ones if necessary. It can include targeting a new audience or launching a new product.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing firms will help with managing and planning direct mail strategies. Your direct marketer will provide you with mailing addresses that match your target audience and develop the needed materials. In addition, they’ll handle measuring responses and sending the materials on your behalf.


Freelancers are skilled individuals with a specialty in a specific aspect of marketing. It can be challenging when working with freelancers, so make sure to check their skill sets before hiring them for your campaign materials. It would help if you only hired individual consultants for a temporary project because of their minimal skill set.

Freelancers don’t have the needed skills to manage the entire marketing campaign.


Public Relations Firms

Your public relations firms will help you maintain your brand’s image; they can manage product placements, event management, content creation, press conferences, and news announcements. Others can also help in launching your company’s new products and websites. Most established companies will have a team that handles public relations.

Social Media Marketers

Your social media marketers specialize in developing and implementing campaign materials for social media platforms to increase sales and drive traffic to your website. Most of them will use YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to provide your customers with interactive and engaging content.

Highly skilled social media marketers can create content, create graphics, and manage blogs for your platforms.

Digital Marketing Firms

In this digital age, you’ll find numerous marketers that focus on social media, content creation, e-commerce, and online marketing. Most marketers that fall under this class specialize in running social media platforms, managing blogs, and designing websites.

Even more specialized marketers can handle pay-per-click marketing plans, application development, and search engine optimization.

Marketing Communications

Marketing consultants can implement and develop communications materials. That can include customer magazines, newsletters, product guides, or brochures. Most of them offer production, design, and writing services, while others specialize in advising you on the materials that will help you with specific goals.


Telemarketing firms offer telephone-based marketing strategies by working as a call center for your company. You can ask them to gather responses from direct marketing or advertising campaigns. Besides, they can directly call the customers and take orders for them if they’re interested in your company’s products.

Market Research Firm

Individuals that offer market research specialize in gathering information that you can use for developing your campaign materials. Most marketers will check your product’s impact in the market and examine the competition you might encounter in a specific industry. If you need something else, they can also create reports on particular factors.

For example, you can ask them to examine your customer’s responses towards your products. Gathering that information helps in developing your marketing campaigns.

Using the right approach will help your company succeed. If you’re having problems with your current materials, consider hiring a marketer. Hiring the right company will help the company find the most appropriate solution for reaching a target audience.

Therefore, turning them into customers. If that happens, the resources you invested in them will be worthwhile for your company.

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