Types of Chairs Your Beauty Salon Should Have

Modern beauty salon interior

The beauty salon business is highly competitive. You need to invest in the right equipment for any chance of success. Among the most important things you need to have are beauty salon chairs from reliable suppliers such as PJS Beauty Salon Equipment. You will not have a beauty salon without them.

The chairs you choose should work properly and fit the image you are trying to create for your salon. Below is a list of the beauty salon chairs you should have.

Styling chair

The styling chair is one of two chairs you will definitely need for a beauty salon. They come in many designs and shapes. The one thing they have in common is you can adjust the height. This is to make them comfortable for you to cut and style the hair of your customers. They do not recline.

Shampoo chair

The other chair you absolutely need in your salon is the shampoo chair. You usually put this in the wet station. It can recline so that your customers can lie back comfortably to have their hair washed.

Pedicure chairs

People expect a beauty salon to offer some day spa services. The most common of these are manicures and pedicures. A pedicure chair is large and padded with armrests. Some come with massage features to help clients relax while having their nails pampered.


Though it is not technically a chair, some salons have height-adjustable stools to make it easier for the stylist to do their work. In most cases, however, you need low stools for your staff to do manicures and pedicures.

Dryer chairs

Some salons have chairs with dryers attached. This is not necessary if you have a portable dryer. However, it is a good thing to have if you specialize in perms and hair colouring treatments. You should have more than one if that is the case.

Barber chair

A barber chair is larger than the typical salon chair. You need it if you want to capture the male market in your area. It has a manly style and reclines for that close shave.

Many types of beauty salon chairs are available. You do not need all of them. It would be good if you did to serve more customers, however. Each one serves a special function that can help you compete successfully in your area.

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