Top Employee Safety Concerns and What You Should Do About Them

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The concern for overall workplace safety is on the rise. Studies showed that 39% of respondents said they are more concerned about their safety in the workplace this year than the last. That’s not counting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on them. Even before Covid-19, we’ve already witnessed how employees suffer the consequences of unsafe workplaces. Surprisingly, people agree that some of their safety concerns revolve around these five areas:

Slip, Trip, and Objects Falling

How many times has a minor accident in the office caused irreparable damage to the victims? Employees lost their abilities to work, walk, and move physically because they slipped on a cable running on the floor or a hard object fell on their head in the warehouse. These are freak accidents that could have been avoided if employers follow the strict safety protocols of the Occupational Health and Safety office.

Make sure that your office has a policy around things that can cause accidents such as slipping, tripping, and objects falling from above-the-head storage. It’s not just that your business can be held liable through a lawsuit, but also because you should care about your employees’ health and well-being. The key to that is sound office policies.

Natural Calamities

Employees are also worried about natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, and flooding. They saw the devastating effects of these natural calamities. If your office is on the 100th floor, minor earthquakes will not feel minor at all. One way you can assure your employees that they are safe is to explain to them the construction and foundation of the office building.

Every time there’s a renovation or remodeling in the building, talk to them about having retaining wall installers to ensure the stability of the structure. This is especially important if the building stands on a natural slope of the land. Aside from structural safety, make sure they know about evacuation plans, too. This will allow them to act right during a natural calamity.


The physical safety of the workforce is tied to their well-being. If they have to work for eight straight hours, the most that employers can do is to provide ergonomic furniture. This will protect their bodies from aches and strains that are normally associated with sedentary work. Ergonomic refers to the comfort of the workers in the office or workplace. The belief is that if the workers are physically well, then they are also more productive.

Machine Malfunctioning

Machine Malfunctioning

This one relates to those who work in construction and manufacturing. Imagine working with a machine that slices big chunks of meat. Wouldn’t it scare you if it malfunctions and cuts your finger? Employers need to maintain these machines and equipment. That will dissuade the fears of the people working with them. They also have to provide the right protective gear so they will feel safe working around these machines.

Chemical Exposure

Chemicals have a long-term effect on people’s health. Exposure to these can lead to ailments not known today. That’s why people who work in industries that handle different kinds of chemicals should not only be properly compensated but also be protected by employers. Protective hazmat suits, cleanliness, and safety protocols are essential in ensuring the workplace is safe and accident-free.

Employees are well-aware of the importance of their participation and contribution in ensuring workplace safety. They are willing and ready to make the necessary changes to ensure they are safe every day they come to work. It is up to employers to invest in training, seminars, and crafting of safety policies that will enforce and prioritize the well-being of the workers.

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