Best Niche Products for 2021’s eCommerce Industry

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Businesses in the eCommerce industry have increasingly become lucrative with the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease. As more people stay at home to prevent the risk of catching or spreading the virus, the number of online shoppers has ballooned since then.

Any savvy entrepreneur would see this as an opportunity to venture more into the eCommerce industry. But as with any business, timing is everything when it comes to what is salable. Thus, based on search trends, here are the nine best niche products you could sell online for 2021.

Men’s Grooming and Beauty Products

Start the new decade with new ideas on men’s grooming and beauty products. Over the last five years, this niche has been a steady, growing business. Beard grooming products alone are popular, particularly among millennials and gen Z-ers consumers. Nonetheless, for a more traditional customer base, shaving supplies are still hot commodities.

Home Workout Equipment

Exercise equipment has always been a salable product online, but more so during this pandemic era. With people avoiding public gyms and fitness studios, our homes have become our fitness havens. Since it would be difficult shipping out heavy workout equipment, opt to sell smaller ones like kettlebells, slam balls, and chin-up bars.


With more people spending time at home, books are another product you should consider selling for your eCommerce business. There are plenty of niche categories to choose from fiction to non-fiction, and from cookbooks to self-help ones. But lately, biographies of political leaders have been increasingly popular.

Organic Feminine Care Products

Feminine and hygiene products will always be on-demand for online retails. However, combining it with the beloved trend for natural and eco-friendly products, then sales would likely increase even more in your eCommerce business. Nowadays, younger women consumers opt to buy organic and eco-friendly versions of everyday products. So grab this opportune time and start selling them.

Pet Care Products

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Pet products have always been in-demand in online retails. The demand for pet supplies and pet food never runs out. Like natural feminine products, there has been an increased inclination of buyers for organic and eco-friendly pet products. Although it may be tedious to target three different niches all at once (natural foods, pets, and homemade goods), it is all worth it in the end.

Baby Products

Many boutiques selling baby products have also gone online. With work-from-home becoming the new work set up for parents, companies are seeing an increase in baby carriers, learning toys for toddlers, and even clothes for newborn girls and boys. Since most parents now spend more time at home, they often buy items that help them care for their children while they do office work or house chores.

Disinfectant Products

Disinfectants were of course best-sellers in 2020 with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Even with the prospect of available vaccines early next year, these products’ trend would not easily die down. The aftermath of COVID-19 makes sanitation all the more significant in our everyday lives. Thus, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and disinfecting sprays will still be popular in 2021.


Apart from lounge wears being more popular, boutique rugs are also trending right now. Since people are spending more time at home, they now have the luxury of reexamining their home decorations. For eCommerce retailers, selling rugs would be a great decision. Besides being convenient to store, rugs can be sold at various price ranges depending on your customer base.

Organization Helpers

Thanks to Marie Kondo ━ and perhaps the quarantine regulations ━ home organization helpers have also been increasingly trendy these past few months. Unlike other online products bought out of impulse, these products are more of an essential purchase. Among these salable products include pegboards, wall organizers, and storage units.

Now, are you ready to start selling for 2021?

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