Three Ways To Surprise Him With A Gift

woman giving gift

Dating your boyfriend for several years shouldn’t stop you from giving him surprise gifts occasionally. It would feel amazing to see him open your gift with eyes full of glee as he discovers what you have in store for him. But now that you’ve been dating for years, handing out a gift would probably too dull now. After all, you might have done it before a few years back. So, before you start shopping for the best watches from a few jewelers in Salt Lake City, here are a few ways to help you surprise him with a special gift.

Get an unlikely delivery person.

Your partner might have already felt something odd about your actions for the past few days and might already be expecting a gift from you. That’s when you bring in an unlikely ally. It’s highly advisable to find someone who’d least likely to deliver a jewelry gift. You may want to get your pet to deliver a small box by attaching it to his collar or even ask your neighbor to pretend that he got a postal delivery by mistake. You can also get your little cousin to deliver the item to him.  You don’t need to put much on the box except simple words that indicate that it’s just for him. In that way, your partner won’t know that it’s a piece of fine jewelry.

Make a treasure hunt.

Creating a treasure hunt quest can be loads of fun. The goal is to have your partner figure out the location of the gift by letting them follow a few clues or answer a few questions. The traces or items should lead him different areas where they’ll find the next evidence. The mechanics stay the same throughout the game until he sees the hidden gift. The Charm of Gifts suggests adding a few extra hints in case your partner won’t be able to figure out the right answer. Doing so will ensure that the treasure hunt game won’t fail.

woman crafting her giftMake it seem obvious.

Instead of giving it as a gift, another idea is to let your partner find it on his own. You can put it someplace visible where you know he goes each day like his briefcase or his favorite cereal box. This plan works best when the surprise location is a part of his mundane routine. Your partner will completely get surprised as soon as he finds an expensive watch hidden in his favorite cereal box. However, ensure that you don’t hide your gift too well that he might overlook it, or it might end up in the dumpster.

You shouldn’t wait for something special to surprise him.  If you’ve been dating for a while, thinking of ways to remind him of how special he is a great way to add a little spark to your relationship. Always remember that the price tag shouldn’t matter when giving someone a gift — the essential part of your intention to make your partner feel special.

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