Things You Will Need in Your Marine Vessel

boat on repair in dry dock

Getting a boat is exciting, but it comes with a lot of work. You are going to need a variety of speciality items for seafaring even if you plan to go for only a short time. These will keep you safe when you are out at sea, and they will protect your machinery from getting damaged. You should not take any chances when it comes to gear in your boat; a simple oversight may result in an accident at sea. Here are some pieces of equipment that you should definitely buy for your safety and convenience:

Safety Gear

Even recreational boats have to stick to strict safety guidelines. There are certain pieces of equipment that you must have on your boat to ensure the safety of all aboard. This includes various items, and the list can be quite long, depending on the size of your boat. All boats are required to carry life jackets and visual distress signals such as flares. In certain cases, you need to have inflatable life jackets. No matter the size, you should always keep fire extinguishers and first aid kits onboard, along with sunscreen lotion and bug spray to protect you.

Waterproofing Equipment

Being out at sea means that you are going to get wet. You will need to protect your machinery from the spray. Make sure to get marine electrical cables, which will keep your wires protected and insulated against any type of water damage. You should also invest in waterproof bags and covers for your machinery for when it rains. Also, consider getting special camera bags to protect your gear if you take pictures. Get a wetsuit if you enjoy spending time in the water, especially if it’s cold.

Special Lights

motor boats parked at the dock

Always make sure that you have proper sources of lighting. Lighting requirements for boats are vague and complicated, though all vehicles should have some form of light to let other boats know that they are there. For your safety, get strong navigation lights. At the very least, you should get strong flashlights to signal to others that you are there.

Tools for Repair

For your boat to stop working in the middle of the ocean is a nightmare. Always keep some basic repair kits and tools with you at all times. Learn how to do the basics such as finding out what is wrong with your engine and changing engine oil. Keep specialised tools for boat repair, as well as an ordinary tool set.

Survival Equipment

Being out at sea always comes with the risk of getting stranded. Keep survival equipment on hand, such as bottled water, canned food, rope, a pocket knife, and fishing equipment. Although it does not fall under any requirements or guidelines, it is best to keep a radio transmitter at all times. Make sure that all your equipment runs on solar power so that being out of network is no problem.

Nothing compares to the feeling of being out at sea on an adventure. Prepare well for the adventure, and enjoy the smooth sailing.

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