The Best Wines for Celebrating Special Occasions

holding glasses of wine

holding glasses of wine Wines have always been considered a thoughtful gift for any occasion or gathering. When one is invited to a friend’s home for dinner, it is customary to carry a bottle or two of good wine to complement the meal. Wine is also one of the preferred gifts to give when celebrating anniversaries or milestones.

However, if you do not have the time to shop but want to send something special, you can try a wine delivery service in UK. For one, it saves you time and the effort of hand-carrying bottles of wine. Second, you have access to a wide range of vintages and wine varieties, which may not be available in your local store.

If you are wondering which types of wine are considered ideal to send as gifts, here is a quick list of popular wines you can have for celebrations.


During the launch of a cruise liner, a large bottle of champagne is brought out and broken on the hull of the ship. The launch or christening of a ship is a big celebration, and toasts are given all around, as well as plenty of champagne for the guests and stakeholders.

Champagne is a traditional celebratory drink for other important occasions, including New Year’s Eve, weddings and sports championships. It is considered the highest standard when it comes to sparkling wines. Bringing a champagne bottle to a house warming is a welcome gift to the owners.


This white wine is well respected all over the world. It has consistency and a huge following. It pairs well with pasta, as well as creamy dishes. As a white wine, it does not overpower nor does it have a forceful personality. Plenty of vineyards plant chardonnay varieties and these have a distinct terroir character to it.

The Chardonnay on display in wine stores varies from bottle to bottle, reflecting their origin and vineyards. It is one of the few whites that age well and improve with years on the bottle.


This is another white wine that ages well. Most people equate Riesling to a sweet wine. While German Riesling is famous for being sweet, there is another variety called Trocken and printed on the label, which is dry. Most Riesling from France and the United States are also dry. As an age-worthy bottle, this is one of those wine varieties best kept for that celebration that deserves good quality wine.


Wine bottles

There are a few varieties that deserve mention whenever Italian wine is discussed. There are Lambruscos and Chianti, which have their own cult following. There is also Prosecco, which is served in most celebrations.

This is served at banquets, family gatherings and other important occasions where long tables are used. It is surprising that in Italy, almost all gatherings are laid out on long tables where everyone can sit down to a meal.


This wine has a seal of Denominacion de Origen and is only made in Catalonia, Spain. It uses a method called traditionnelle, which is the same as champenoise, except that the term champenoise can only be used when referring to wines made in Champagne, France. It is noted for its fine bubbles and comes in varying levels of sweetness from brut to dulce.

Drinking wine in celebration is an expression of the human spirit. It marks an occasion that people do not want to easily forget. The above list is only a few of more than thousands of wine varieties, but they represent a bottled sense of fun, happiness, enjoyment and sharing. In case you cannot physically be there for the party, you can always send a bottle to a special person in your life via a wine delivery service.

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