Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale After a Major Setback

Employees having a huddle

Employees having a huddle

Whether it’s the loss of a big client or your office downsizing, expect employee morale to drop in times like this. That is dangerous to productivity, according to a literature review about staff morale and burnout, published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The paper pointed out that low employee morale can cause absenteeism, strikes, and overall lack of interest in their jobs.

If you want to help your employees bounce back after a significant setback, here’s how you can do it.

Dedicate a Day for Fun

One of the best ways to raise employee morale is by taking them away from the stress of office work. Plan a day or two out of the workplace that will be spent having fun with your workers. Ask them to create an event committee with you.

Once you have a team, it’s time to think of a venue. If you’re based in a bustling metropolis like New York City, you can book a corporate event space that can accommodate anything from concerts to small parties.

If you have the resources, you may take your employees out to the beach for fun outdoor activities. You can encourage them to bring their families or spouses to make it a more personal experience.

You can also ask your employees if they’re interested in hosting or performing in the event. Keep them as engaged as possible. This is an event for your workers, after all. If you get no volunteers, you can always hire a professional host or a local band to play a few songs.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Employees doing a toast

As a boss, it’s your job to see the bigger picture. It’s understandable that you are always running after a bigger goal, whether it be sales or productivity. That’s always good, but don’t forget to recognize and celebrate the small victories in every department or team.

Do you have an employee who has been with you since the company started? Give them a raise or extra vacation days to reward their loyalty. Did a new worker go above and beyond what’s expected of them? A gift card to a great cafe or restaurant could motivate them to continue giving their best.

Looking beyond the numbers is a nice way to show your employees that you truly appreciate what they do. It also helps you step back from the stressful emotions of a setback and see that you’re working with people who give their all for your business.

Offer Career Advancement Programs

Companies, new and old, probably have at least one millennial employed in their workplace. Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce right now. If your business is full of these young workaholics, give them career advancement training to raise their morale and encourage retention.

According to a study from the employee development solution provider, Bridge, over 90% of millennials want to grow their careers in their current companies. About 86% of them said that they’d stay with their present employer if they’re offered training and development to advance their careers.

Part of bouncing back from a setback is learning new skills or upgrading existing ones. Host a company-wide leadership program for everyone. You’ll have people stepping up to the plate in no time.

Every business suffers a significant setback, such as layoffs, low profitability, and sales loss, at least once in its lifetime. Your employees need you the most during stressful times like these. Help them bounce back by giving them time off, recognizing their strengths, and providing opportunities for them to step up the career ladder.

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