The Benefits of VoIP Phone System to Small Businesses

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Nowadays, businesses can be done mostly thru online transactions. Still, talking directly to clients over the phone has remained the fastest and most effective way of communication. So business owners like you, especially those who are just starting up, having a voice over IP or VoIP phone system service is an excellent investment to make.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a telephone system that runs over the internet. So how does it work? Well, it goes without saying, you actually hit two birds with one stone – having a fast internet connection and a phone system that allows you to contact and be reached by your clients at any time.

Here are the main benefits of opting for VoIP.

VoIP is Cost-Effective

One of the biggest advantages of having a VoIP system is cost. Compared to plain old telephone service, more commonly referred to as POTS, phone calls using VoIP is almost free of charge. Yes, you won’t have any charge to make domestic phone calls, no additional monthly bills.

And while international calls may sometimes get charged (ask your service provider), it only happens under very limited special circumstances. And if you indeed get charged, the fee is very minimal compared to costs of calls using POTS. Fewer charges mean more resources to allocate in other plans. But then mostly, international calls are free of charge. How does it work?

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Virtual Phone Numbers

VoIP is assigned a phone number or more depending on your plan. This phone number is often referred to as virtual number because it is not actually associated with the physical network of a landline or POTS. Yet it appears to act like one, thus, the virtual number.

Also, these virtual numbers can automatically adapt to its “environment”. For instance, if you call and speak to a client from another country, the system will only tag it as a local call, not an international call, which frees you of international charges.

VoIP is Versatile Yet Inexpensive

Plain old telephone service assigns phone numbers to a specific phone line. In contrast, VoIP uses virtual phone numbers that can be easily assigned on multiple devices like a physical landline phone, a mobile phone, or on a headset connected to your computer. After you install the required software, the world is yours to get connected.

But it’s not just about making phone calls. As a multifunction system, the VoIP system can e easily integrated with other applications which allow both data and voice communication. So you can send and receive messages in other communication platforms like fax machines, web conferences, email, or simply leave a voice message. Or simply sync your email and appointments in applications like Microsoft Outlook.

And since both data and voice now work under one roof, you don’t need a separate structure for data and another for voice. With VoIP, both systems work under one.

Indeed, your small company can reap big benefits should you decide to install a VoIP system. Other than getting cost benefits and the versatility you need to grow your business, you can easily reach to other markets. Maybe even become global in the near future.

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