How to Make Your Office More Fun

people working in an office

people working in an office

With office burnout on a steady rise, it can be challenging for offices to manage employee stress. This guide will discuss how you can make your office more fun for your employees regardless of generation.

In a study done by Gallup, 23% of a 7,500-person sample reported feeling burned out at work very often, while 44% said that they feel burned out sometimes. Burnout can result in employee absenteeism and job-hopping caused by dissatisfaction. Even though a team-building activity planned by a reliable destination management services company can boost morale once in a while, it won’t help maintain employee satisfaction if the office isn’t a good environment.

Here are some ways to make your workplace fun and stress-free:

1. Make the office feel like home

Emulating the feeling of being at home can make your employees relax while in the office. Simple changes in the office can make a big difference, such as adding cozy couches, indoor plants, colorful rugs, and other decors that can make your office feel homier. It will help employees feel less rigid when working, decreasing the risk of burning out.

2. Encourage recreation in the office

It’s important to have fun at work since it builds camaraderie, increases productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty. If employees wake up every day looking forward to having a great time at work, you’re less likely to face employee dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.

A good way to incorporate fun in the office is to encourage recreation. Add a gaming system or a playroom where employees can socialize and de-stress. Invest in a pool or foosball table that everybody can enjoy. You can also buy a few board games for more traditional fun.

There are a million different ways that employees can enjoy themselves in the office, so be sure to explore the ones your employees would enjoy the most.

3. Set up a fun team activity once in a while

The work will be less stressful if you enjoy the company of your co-workers. Everyone doesn’t have to be best friends, but having regular, fun socialization with one another will form healthy work relationships. Set up a happy hour every two weeks or create game nights every Friday. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top; everyone can just enjoy a couple of beers and laugh the stress away.


4. Bring dogs to the office

Having a ‘bring your dog to work’ day can boost employee morale exponentially. It doesn’t have to take a genius to figure out that dogs can reduce stress hormones simply with their presence. If some of your employees have dogs, organize a ‘bring your dog to work’ day and let the fun ensue. But to be fair with cat lovers, consider a ‘bring your cat to work’ day next.

5. Bring the food into the office

It’s no secret that food can always make us feel better. In the office, bringing in treats on occasion can decrease stress and make employees feel that they are cared for. An occasional ice cream buffet or cupcake day can be a good start.

It’s important to have fun in the workplace. You wouldn’t want to spend eight hours of your day stressed out. With these five tips, you can transform your office into a relaxing, fun-filled place that your employees will love.

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