The Beauty in the Yard: Landscape Designs to Choose From

person carrying a potted plant

A barren yard gives onlookers the impression that you do not care about your home. As such, you might want to start making an effort to breathe life into your garden. This means planting flowers and plants—you are basically making your yard lush and green. But who says that you have to stop right there? You can always take things a notch higher. And this is something that you can do by turning your plain garden into a landscaped beauty.

A landscaped garden does not only render your home aesthetically pleasing. It also helps increase your home’s resale value, especially if the garden is properly maintained. A good landscape design is the one that is painstakingly thought out down to the last details. And it all starts with a theme or style.

Check the existing design of your home to get started. Nevertheless, there are some design options that you can choose from.

Naturalistic Style

This style is actually informal, which means that anything goes into the design. This type of design is meant to blend into the surroundings. Thus, f you are living in an area surrounded with hills, forests, and plants, this will not be hard to execute. The layout of the garden is usually asymmetrical. Hard, definite shapes are not always present (such as the square layout of the space). This type of garden uses a lot of earth-based materials such as brick, clay, and terra-cotta.

English Garden

If you are looking for a more structured style of landscape design, the English garden is a popular style that will never fall out of favor. This classic garden design features symmetry and quintessential items such as benches and walls that will contain the plants. Hedges and plant beds are usually part of this garden style. Executing this design is fairly straightforward, and it can be done by a reliable landscape design company in Perth such as Perth Landscaping Experts.

Japanese Garden

Japanese garden

If you want Zen and harmony to reign in your garden, there is one style that you should go for: the Japanese style. The design is supposed to instill calmness and spirituality, which is why it is hinged on the concepts of balance and symmetry. Popular elements include rocks, evergreen plants, pagoda lanterns, elaborate pergolas, and water features.

Contemporary Style

The modern approaches in interior and exterior design have resulted in contemporary garden styles. Also symmetrical, this type of design is all about sleekness. The use of concrete is one defining characteristic of the contemporary garden style. You will not see complicated design items in this aesthetics.

Making your home much more beautiful and appealing may mean that you should upgrade the look and function of your garden. A handsome yard is a result of a detailed plan and flawless execution. If you are thinking of designing your garden, you will need to pick the most appropriate design or theme. At this point, you will need to thoroughly check the specs of your garden to make sure that you are making a good call.

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