The 6 Best Wedding Trends for 2019

beautiful cakes and buffet set-up for wedding

Weddings usually happen once in a lifetime, so it should be the most magical day. Unfortunately, even a simple wedding can be challenging to plan, much less execute. Maybe this year’s wedding trends will set you in the right direction:

Wedding trends for 2019

Having your wedding venue in a fancy venue for special occasions in France or any other country is simply not enough to make it the best. Wedding trends come and go, but this year, there is a handful of trends that we’ll definitely expect in 2020. If you want to spruce up your wedding and let it be the event of the year, here are some ideas you can use:

1. Statement wedding cakes

Last year, dessert displays were the trend for many wedding parties. In 2019, couples are opting to invest in big, bold wedding cakes to serve as a centerpiece at the wedding table. However, contrary to the traditional white wedding cake, couples are choosing cakes with colorful fondants instead to make them more eye-catching.

2. Wearable flowers

Every bride wants to be the center of attention during her special day. What a better way to claim the spotlight than to wear the flowers? That’s right; brides not only want to carry a beautiful bouquet down the aisle. They also want to wear them as accessories to complement their wedding dress.

3. Personalized art

Many couples want their invitations, napkins, or backdrop to be personalized. But there’s a limit to personalization that wedding planners can do. A cool trend in 2019 is commissioning an artist to create customized art for you. Having personalized illustrations is not only a great way to make your wedding unique; it will also be a valuable investment. You can use the illustrations for invitations, party favors, and many more.

4. Colorful grooms

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marquee

Say goodbye to dull black or white groom suits. Say hello to more color options for the husband-to-be. This year, we’re seeing more grooms wearing non-traditional wedding suits with more color, style, and flair than the past trends. Though the suits are still in one solid color, we’re hoping to see more variance in style as the trend progresses.

5. Minimalism

Minimalism was a big trend in 2018, and it still is now. Why do couples love minimalist weddings so much? For starters, minimalist weddings are easier to plan and are relatively less costly. However, this trend doesn’t sacrifice a wedding’s quality. Many minimalist trends include the use of one or two colors, simple decorations, and incorporation of architectural shapes and natural elements such as wood, stone, and marble.

6. Royal wedding-inspired dresses

Meghan Markle really did something when she got married to Prince Harry in that beautiful wedding dress fit for royalty. As a result, brides are using the royal wedding as an inspiration. It’s not enough to book a wedding at a palace-like venue; future wives want to emulate the Dutchess’ look with regal capes, sleeves, and veils.

Modern couples pay a lot of attention to what’s trending while planning their wedding. In the Instagram age, having a trendy wedding is all the rage. That doesn’t mean it has to be all-out, though. These ideas can give you the wedding of a lifetime–but without draining your bank account.

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