Sustainable Small Business: Ideas to Explore


More and more people are supporting sustainable businesses and for a good reason. Sustainable businesses operate in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment or society. This is great news for entrepreneurs because it shows a growing market for sustainable products and services. If you’re considering starting your own business, consider exploring one of the following small sustainable enterprise ideas.

Sustainable Fashion Business

How people use clothes has become unsustainable, and fashion has significantly caused pollution. For instance, from 2000 to 2014, the purchase of clothes increased by 60 percent. Because of that demand, 10 percent of global carbon emissions come from fashion production. Additionally, clothes manufacturing releases waste that pollutes and dries up waterways. Of all the textile produced, 85% are dumped annually.

You can create a small business that upholds sustainable fashion by remaking clothes from fabric that would otherwise be discarded. You can scour second-hand shops, garage sales, and online marketplaces for clothes that can be upcycled. Once you have a good stock of clothes, you can start designing new garments from them. This is a great way to be sustainable and creative.

You can also arrange to purchase discarded fabric from clothes manufacturers and then turn them into new clothes. This way, you’re not only being sustainable, but you’re also helping to reduce the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry.

If you have enough time, you can likewise offer personalized services. For instance, you can do repairs so people can use their clothes longer. You can also create new clothes by combining people’s old clothes that could no longer be repaired. This will not only enable them to live more sustainably, but it can also bring new life to clothes that have sentimental value to them.

Quilt Making Business

People have been making quilts for centuries, and it’s a craft that can easily be turned into a small business. What’s great about quilt making is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or materials. All you really need is fabric, scissors, and a needle and thread. Of course, if you’re going to make it into a business, the work can be made easier and faster with a suitable sewing machine, dies, and cutters.

Quilts are traditionally made from old fabric saved from old clothes, bed sheets, blankets, table cloths, and even curtains. If you use old fabric, then you’re already being sustainable. You can get old fabric from items you can source from thrift stores. You can also look for companies that make recycled fabric from plastic bottles and other post-consumer waste.

Once you have your fabric, you can start to design and make your quilts. Traditional patterns will be appealing because of their historical value. You can also attract the younger crowd by using geometric patterns in quilts that look like abstract graphic designs. These will look stunning on walls, like a blend of traditional and modern art.

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Sustainable Home Cleaning Products

The cleaning products mostly used in homes have a huge environmental impact. In fact, the American household uses toxic chemicals at an average of 25 gallons a year. These toxic chemicals are then released into the air and end up in the residents’ bodies and waterways. They can cause health problems, including cancer and respiratory issues.

You can start a business making sustainable home cleaning products that are just as effective but don’t have the same negative impact on the environment. You can use ingredients that are easily sourced and are environmentally friendly, like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil. These can be used to make all-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, and even carpet cleaners.

You can package your products in reused or recyclable bottles and sell them to people who are looking for more environmentally friendly options. You can also make your products available online and ship them to customers. This way, you’ll have a wider reach and will be able to help more people clean their homes in a sustainable way.

Urban Farming

With the rising cost of fresh produce, more and more people are turning to urban farming to grow their own food. This is a great way to be sustainable and self-sufficient. However, not everyone has the time and space to do this. They will be happy to purchase vegetables, herbs, and fruits that are grown locally, though. That will mean they can get the produce freshly picked and will all the natural goodness intact. There will be no need to transport the products over long distances and use up fossil fuels in the process.

If you have a green thumb and some space in your backyard, you can start an urban farm and sell the produce you grow. You can set up a stall at the local farmers’ market. You can also set up an online store where people can purchase and have the products delivered to their doorstep.

If you harvest more than you can sell, you can make food products like pickles, jams, and sauces that do not use preservatives.

Marketing Sustainability

It’s clear that there are many ways for small businesses to become more sustainable. By using some or all of the ideas here, you can make a positive impact on the environment while also starting a business to grow. Why not give one or more of these ideas a try to see how they work for you? The future of the world relies on sustainability, and you can be one of the people driving this movement forward.

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