Splashing with Kids: Swimming Pandemic Blues Away

young girl swimming

Many of us have been looking for a new pastime and hobbies that will interest us to keep us preoccupied in our extra time. This is especially true during this COVID-19 pandemic when we are told to stay at home most of the time to avoid contracting the virus.

Due to the ongoing transmission of the virus, there is a need to keep our immune systems up and running to help our bodies combat COVID-19. Adults try to maintain a regular home workout routine despite their busy schedules. Apart from this, parents want to keep their young ones active to also keep them healthy.

Swimming is an effective way to cool down and beat the stress away. If you have a pool at home, swimming is a great way to pass the time in a healthy way.

Before You Take a Dip

Swimming has always been a common pastime but people may have had reservations regarding swimming amid the pandemic. While chlorine in swimming pools could kill the virus, it would still be best to stay home and use your own swimming pool to minimize contact with others.

In keeping you and your family safe as you swim at home, here are the things to keep in mind before making a big splash:

Always prioritize your and your family’s safety when swimming. Before anything else, you need to consider getting simple CPR training that is easy to learn for beginners. Many swimming accidents happen when children have been left alone even for less than 5 minutes near a pool. As parents, no one can afford to make the same mistake.

In line with this, never leave a child unattended when swimming. Despite having kids who seem mature enough to take care of one another, never trust a child’s life to another kid. This applies even if your children already know how to swim well.

Also, avoid getting distracted by any factors when supervising children around the pool. Always have the presence of mind to reach out for your first aid kit, your phone, and your life jacket.

Apart from these safety tips, it is also important to remember to wear sunscreen. Minimize direct sunlight between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Make sure to wear sunscreen with at least an SPF 15.

These swimming safety reminders are not meant to scare you out of taking a dip at home, rather it is a way to make your swimming sessions happier and more fun without compromising your family’s safety.

Swimming is a great sport that can be enjoyed by most people as it is a low-impact activity. There are many health benefits to swimming that families can take advantage of, especially during this time of the pandemic.

Benefits of Swimming

If you want to enjoy a cardiovascular workout without too much stress on your joints, swimming might be the sport for you and your family. Swimming is a full-body workout that targets a lot of the major muscles in your body. For those who have access to a swimming pool at home, it is ideal to take advantage of this for health’s sake.

Getting the whole family into swimming is a great way to boost the immune system that can help you combat the virus during this global health crisis.

Swimming has many health benefits. As mentioned, water sports improve muscle strength without putting much stress on joints. This is important for those who have medical concerns, whether young or old. Given this, engaging in swimming exercises can enhance the fitness level of anyone involved. This is especially important nowadays when you have to keep your immune system up.

young boy swimming

Swimming is also a great way to manage weight. The sport can help control blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

While swimming can improve overall physical fitness, it can also help enhance mental health. Water-based exercises can improve your mood. It can also decrease anxiety and symptoms of depression.

While swimming is a fun way to bond with family at home during this quarantine period, there are many health benefits to swimming apart from enjoying the activity for recreational purposes. It is good to be aware of these health benefits so that you can maximize their effect on your and your family’s fitness.

During this quarantine period, you should explore the many water activities you can try in your residential swimming pool. Make the most out of the extra time you have in bonding with family and keeping yourself physically and mentally happy and healthy.

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