Smart Parenting: 7 Healthy Meal Prep Tips for your Preschoolers

Lunch box preparation

Lunch box preparation

While many parents enjoy preparing snacks for their preschoolers, some are having a hard time, especially when their kids are picky eaters. Sometimes, it can be tempting to buy from fast food chains just to make your child eat at school.

To help you out, here are some tips that may help encourage your preschoolers to eat healthy snacks:

TIP #1: Let them Join you in the Kitchen

One of the most effective tricks to encourage your kids to eat healthier is to make them feel more involved with snack preparation. Let them do some tasks like putting jam on the bread, or decorating the fruitcakes with the frosting and other fillings. Make some fresh fruit juice, and let them pour it into their water bottle. You can also teach them how to bake cupcakes using organic and healthy ingredients. Don’t forget to advise them to wear apron and cooking gloves. Other than safety, this will make them more interested in food preparation.

TIP #2: Be Creative with the Snacks

Sometimes, you need to be creative and resourceful to make your youngsters more interested in healthy food. Don’t just give them sliced vegetables and fruits. Provide healthy dips such as melted peanut butter or citrus avocado. Put them on a nice container, and sprinkle some herbs and diced carrots or potatoes for better presentation. Creative plating should make the food look more appetizing.

TIP #3: Educate your Kids

Educating your kids about the importance of proper nutrition is also a good start. There are several online videos they can watch, or provide reading materials from magazine and catalogs. Some parents do this while doing the groceries. Teach them how to check the ingredients and nutrition labels from the packaging.

TIP #4: Be a Role Model

How can you convince your kids to eat healthy if your lifestyle doesn’t seem good, as well? As the saying goes, “practice what you preach”. Letting your child see you’re enjoying a bowl of salad may encourage them to do the same.

TIP #5: Find a Good Source

There are several boutiques and bakeshops serving organic and gourmet cookies and bread. They often use quality ingredients in fun and unique and unique flavors. Some stores can even take requests regarding the texture of the cookies, as some kids like it chewy or crunchy. The best perk is they also have cookie delivery service in Texas making it more convenient for you.

TIP #6: Provide more Options

Always prepare two to three healthy meals, and avoid repeating the same snacks. For more ideas, there are several simple and easy recipes online you can refer to. Having a weekly meal preparation should make it easier and more efficient. Just make sure to store them accordingly to keep them fresh.

TIP #7: Give Rewards

Parent giving apple to child

Giving a reward to recognize their progress is a good way to help them stay consistent. It doesn’t have to be a material thing. You can set this as a “house rule”. For example, they can’t have their favorite dessert unless they finish a bowl of salad. You can also give them healthy treats or anything related to the child’s fitness.

Finally, always remember that some kids may take some time to make adjustments. Forcing them to be healthy won’t do any good. Just give them time to adjust, and help them out.

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